Kali’s Embrace

Photographer: JJ MacCrimmon Model: Kali Rose

The honeyed light of candles spilled softly across her skin leaving shadows and stories in their wake. Patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin incense smoke trails swirled over her embracing her like gentle spirits drifting over her lean figure on the bed. The brazier of soft burning charcoal heated the room so her mostly bare, almond oil massaged skin was warm. She reveled in the sensations, the smells and warmth and the special embrace which held her.

An hour ago she agreed to his request. He’d explained in detail about the feelings she’d likely experience. He was an artist and needed her posed and poised in ways she’d never been before. As her clothes fell away in the candle-lit studio, her anxiety and hesitance dropped away with them as well. This was something she wanted, ‘the embrace.’

Kali 011 FCa

JJ MacCrimmon is a professional photographer and educator based out of Huntsville, AL. His model, show, and event photography has appeared in web/print ads, books and as cover art for recordings. For the past six years, JJ has has been a staff photographer and presenter at Frolicon in Atlanta, GA. His work can be found here.


  1. bobby46 says:

    beautiful model

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