Goddess Helena Discusses Adult Dolly Play

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  1. littlemissmoonshine says:

    So intriguing!

  2. Loved this. Dollfication is, or was until now, one of my secret vices. I don’t carry it to great extremes but I do love making my partners into fabulous fetish dolls. I suppose all my years working in porn, often with women who had dramatically modified their bodies specifically to embody erotic fantasies, were a kind of paradise spent indulging this particular interest with others who clearly understood it and willingly embraced it. I understand the political push-back in recent years against the so-called “fake bodies” of mainstream porn but those bodies are very much real to the personalities occupying them. And man, do they look hot in latex.

    • Seeing as how you married a beautiful porcelain doll yourself this shouldn’t surprise me!

  3. KinkWeekly says:

    Thanks for your comments, Ernest!

  4. likeadom says:

    I want to know more! This is something that isn’t usually talked about in the general Kink/BDSM community. I find it fascinating.

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