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Lovely Fate… My new favorite play party in Los Angeles… everything I never knew I wanted in a kink event.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Lovely Fate. For those who haven’t heard of it, Lovely Fate is a new series of upscale BDSM play parties in Los Angeles.

I have been to many BDSM events around the country and the world. I have to say that this could be the best event I have been to so far. Founded by a group of friends from the LA kink scene, they told me they were tired of the same old events, and set out to create the ultimate play party – the kind they had hoped existed when they first entered the scene. The result – at least based on the one event I attended – is impressive.

According to the web site, Lovely Fate aims for “sensory joy and intrigue”. Having had no idea what on earth this meant, as I entered the party I felt like I began to understand. Music, visual elements, smells and taste have apparently been carefully choreographed to arouse and intoxicate guests. As for touch – there are plenty of opportunities to participate as a dominant or submissive (top or bottom?) either in featured interactive scenes or in negotiated play with other guests. But before you think of wooden, rehearsed stage shows, think again. Instead, imagine experienced kinksters invited to perform their most intimate, creative and real BDSM scenes in weird, wonderful and alluring surrounds. These are a kind of aperitif to get the party started before many guests enjoy scenes of their own.


Erotic shibari? Check. Teasing and torturous endurance bondage? Check. Predicaments, slave training, sensory deprivation? Check, check, check. I’ve noticed that many play parties are dominated (!) by impact play. And while that can certainly be found here, I was impressed by the breadth of variety on display.

After my ticket was checked, a pretty young thing greeted me and introduced herself. She then beckoned for me to follow and lead me (and my date) down a hallway and through a dark curtain. A deep, dark melody filled the air my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. In almost a whisper, our lovely escort invited me to “choose my fate” and gestured to several small silver statues on a table. I worked out that each represented a BDSM role. Being a bisexual Rope Bunny Switch with a sadistic streak, I am not easily categorized (other than just “kinky as fuck”). But I was feeling a Toppy that evening, so I went for the small figurine of what appeared to be a badass Dominatrix. Our new friend grinned wickedly and brought me through another curtain to reveal a larger room where some other guests were gathered and a variety of scenes were unfolding. On one table, a girl tied in a gote chest harness, with a devious man tormenting her tits mercilessly. In a corner, a cage confined a naked feminine figure who gazed back at me. And across the room, a pair of male slaves knelt at the feet of two latex-clad dominas. This is where I was led, and immediately invited to join in on the fun. I should clarify that I was asked at check-in if I wanted to participate – many guests were generally watching and socializing and there was no expectation that I had to play right away (or at all).


The event was so unique, that is difficult to categorize. The best way I can describe it is an upscale BDSM play party combined with elements of interactive theatre. A great deal of creativity and attention to detail has gone into all aspects of the event, with the apparent goals of creating an environment that is classy and enchanting, but unmistakably all about BDSM and power exchange. This is definitely not just another upscale sex party flirting with kink.

What stood out to me most of all were the people attending this event. While there was a spectrum of skill and experience in BDSM present, everyone I encountered was friendly and welcoming. While there were plenty of attractive people, it wasn’t so over the top as to be intimidating (like you might find at certain high end swinger events in LA). Whether they were dominants, submissives, masters or slaves, these were simply fun, kinky people who wanted to be there to have a good time.


Curious about why this vibe seemed different to many other BDSM parties, I asked around. Lovely Fate is a membership club – to attend you have to either be a member or be invited to attend (as I was). The original members were friends of the founders, and they are a little selective about who joins. Apparently not to exclude any particular type of person – but more to preserve the friendly, welcoming and non-judgmental feel. Disclosure: yes, I applied to become a member following the event. So it’s entirely possible I’m subconsciously over-praising this event in this write up so they let me join!

Awesome, kinky fun – the next one is coming up this Saturday July 7, 2018… ticket info here.



  1. Deborah says:

    Everyone always says they have the best new party. I’d be interested to see if this one is any better… you’ve definitely piqued my curiosity.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Michael says:

    I have been receiving this fantastic magazine for awhile now but at loss to where I can find such a fine party as you describe in Houston a Texas or surrounding areas. Might I ask do you know of any quality programs in my area. How would a novice become involved?

    • I’ve been to a lot of different play parties in many cities & countries, and haven’t come across any quite like this. I guess you’ll just have to come visit LA so you can experience it! Having said that I’m sure there are some decent dungeons in your area.

  4. Judging by the dates of the replies, this was written about the June 11th play party. As I was there, I can attest to everything said — it was a teriffic play party from every angle. I am hoping the LOVELY FATE parties continue!

  5. Jonathan Holland Becnel says:

    Sounds like Rich 1% kink.

    Whats up with this 50 shades garbage?

    Ill take working class kink any day tyvm

    • Not exactly. I’ve been to some “kink” parties for rich 1 percenters. They are nice and classy, but also feel a bit cold and fake – not a lot of real BDSM practitioners and not much of a sense of community.
      This is different. There are many people from the world of BDSM there, from all across the spectrum in terms of skill level and experience.
      There is nothing wrong with regular play parties at dungeons – they are after all the backbone of our community and I skill get to them fairly regularly. But just like every once and a while I like to eat at a nice restaurant, these parties are next level in terms of how much I enjoy them.

  6. Laila I’ll have to catch the next one.

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