Mistress Porcelain Midnight

Photographer: Vice Erotica Model: Mistress Porcelain Midnight and Vic

Mistress Porcelain’s intense gaze conceals her devious mind. Imagine her long hair brushing against your back as the restraints tighten on your wrists. You’re immobile. Face down. Eyes covered. There is a long stretch of silence and then you are startled by a whisper right against your ear, “Are you ready for this?” You would answer…if it weren’t for the gag in your mouth.



  1. gilda girly says:


  2. Great pictures. Especially in that they demonstrate high protocol without words. I have been wondering whether the higher protocols will eventually be lost in this Fifty Shades world. Judging by these pictures the answer has to be “No” — higher protocols are just too hot to disappear. These pictures inspire me to write more articles on higher protocols!

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