Video: XConfessions // Feminist and Submissive

Here are just a few reminders about what submission is to some women. You CAN be a feminist and a submissive. Some of the strongest women I know enjoy being dominated by a man. It’s all about consent and communication. -anniebear

XConfessions// Feminist and Submissive from Erika Lust


  1. tolbert14 says:

    never heard of this site. the confessions. seems like female friendly porn

    • This site is basically a news portal where topics surrounding BDSM practices and the community are discussed.

      In terms of this video, in some ways, it challenges some of the preconceptions that some people have about feminism in this context- that they are naturally inclined to be dominant or would see the act of sexually submitting to a man to be abhorrent.

      The sooner we as a society come to terms and respect the fact that though people may have submissive proclivities, this should not be assumed to reflect the whole of their personality. After all, people are multifaceted things.

      It is gratifying to see they see it [submission] as it is, an exercise in autonomous will and something which should not be seen as something to discredit any views they have in regards to women’s rights.

      Of course, there are those who take an altogether different path like Naomi Asano- the founder of Yapoo’s Market, based on a novel called The Domestic Yapoo. In the novel, the future (4000AD) is ruled by the empire of 100 suns, a society in which there is a caste like system in which whites (representing American occupiers) rule and black slavery (not sure whether this represents the feelings that some have that despite decades of progress, inequality between blacks and whites still existed at the time of writing or whether this refers to historical exploitation such as the enslavement of the Congolese by King Leopold II or the exploitation of South Africans by imperialists like Cecil Rhodes) is back in fashion. At the lower strata are the yapoo (literally translating into human livestock), asian men which have been surgically and biologically altered to serve specific functions for example furniture or masturbation devices. (

      “Author Numa Shozo explains how postwar Japan feels emasculated after losing the Second World War. A hundred years before, in 1854, US Naval Commodore Perry forced Japan to open up. After catching up in the early twentieth century, Japan was the only Asian country considered equal to the West. At the end of the war it was defeated by the Allied Powers. Japan not only lost the war, in their view, they lost face. “Face” is one of the most important concepts in Asian society. With it they lost their dreams of empire. ”

      In other words, the novel illustrates the sense of ethnomasochism the Japanese people bore in the immediate aftermath of WWII.

      Below is a link to a literary analysis for anyone interested.

      Naomi (whether she says this while ‘in character’ as one of the ruling elite of the Empire of One Hundred Suns from the Domestic Yapoo is difficult to know) once said her philosophy is of the Ultimate Existence. From my understanding, this is to be seen as a near deific figure in the eyes of a submissive/yapoo.

      “Through “eating shit”, the mistress (Naomi) had become THE ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE for the livestock (Rintaro). THE ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE has several meanings. One of them is that the mistress has the right to select the livestock to be alive or dead. Another of them is that the livestock is willing to obey and serve THE ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE, even if he has to sacrifice everything for her and no matter how cruel end is waiting for him. The play with only hipping and bondage sometimes leads to pretended domination.
      The fact that the mistress is worth being adored and served is important.”

      Having said this, she does realise the implications/limitations of real world context.

      “2. This site is for satisfying my own sadistic desire and my opinion about the SM world.
      And this site is also for all who agree to my thought. The imaginary would is free and open, in which there isn’t impossibility or possibility, there is no one or nothing to prevent any imagination. However, we spend most of our time in the real world for our life. Please recognize that you can raise your own desire here in this site without any other disturbance.”

      She also gives helpful advice for people similar to her.

      “3. To women who have sadistic desires
      Though this massage is also to myself, please don’t spare pains to sophisticate yourself, soul, body and knowledge. Don’t force the slave to serve, make the slave to serve of his own will. The first training for the slave is to develop in his mind the feeling that he is willing to serve and obey the mistress (you), even if he has to sacrifice everything and has to drop down anywhere for you. It is important that you are worth being served and adored.”

      Personally, I love the stuff she does (such delicious cruelty), though to some, it can be… an acquired taste- no pun intended

  2. Interesting. Now can Men, who have that same power as these women, be as submissive as those women in the same way and not be looked down upon. Strong women who want to submit to their sexual partners are seen as women who know Had to use their sexuality. Men who turn submissive are looked at as something less than a man. Why than is it the submissive women and not the submissive men who need to be looked upon differently?

    • Good point, just like my earlier comment on how female submission should not be seen in a way that this conscious act/desire to momentarily relinquish control and place trust in their dom/domme reflects their entire personality or discredits any views they have on gender equality, the same should be the case for men.

      Such misconceptions surrounding male submissives may have led to the word ‘cuck’- derivation of cuckold- being used to describe a man who has ’emasculated’ himself by adopting an undesirable political viewpoint such as conservatism or left wing politics. Something which is completely misrepresenting.

      After all, a centrist would in no way like to put in the same category as a regressivist because of any inferred sexual inclinations and stereotypes surrounding them.

      I could go on to say how gynocentric perspectives of society and the image of machismo perpetuated about men have meant that men experiencing domestic abuse at the hands of women are not necessarily represented in the same way as when a woman faces abuse at the hands of a partner. Why do they not get as much publicity?

      According to an article in the Guardian (survey in 2010), 40% of UK domestic abuse victims were male.

      Even with this figure, it is of note that there could be significant under-reporting because of the image men have of themselves and each other. Perhaps a man would feel he is ‘weak’ for suffering this and would be more disinclined to tell others or fear social ostracisation and ridicule for this very reason.

      Consensual sadomasochism is fine, as long as both parties have fully agreed to whatever they plan to do and know the associated risks, they can do what the fuck they want to each other as far as I’m concerned but abuse is abuse, no matter what gender.

      Likewise I could also go on to question why male genital mutilation is not given the same coverage as female genital mutilation. Both are a violation of the most fundamental of tenets- that an individual’s body is their own to do with as they wish. So why is only half of the story being talked about?

      Yes, there are many issues that need to be addressed for women’s rights and I am not an anti-feminist however I do not forget that men may face those same issues and believe in a multifaceted approach rather than focusing on those points which fit a certain socio-political narrative.

  3. I know several submissives and slaves, men and women alike, and I can truly say that they are some of the strongest people I know. I’m a switch myself, but lately have spent more time on the Dominant side of things. My beloved wife, who has an inner strength I envy, is also my collared submissive. There’s not a person that knows her that would dream of considering her weak. It’s true, even in the community there are many erroneous preconceptions of submission, but I personally have seen in others and found in myself an amazing inner peace and strength I would not have thought possible. Strength through submission is a true, real thing.

    And it’s beautiful.

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