Plus Size Halloween Costuming

It’s that time of year again.  As a plus-size woman (like anyone over size 12 juniors, according to most costume makers) I was less than excited about slogging through the land-mine-filled landscape that is Halloween costume shopping.
Last year Daddy and I made plans to attend a pretty spectacular Halloween dungeon party.  Finding a Halloween costume that I didn’t hate in a size that fit me was pretty challenging.  I attempted to do some in-person searching.  I tried Spirit.  The selection there was less than amazing.  I tried Party City.  Ditto.
I discovered something unfortunate.  Adult stores, Spirit Halloween, and such are just going to waste my time (and yours if you need a plus-size costume) and likely get me upset.  It’s incredibly discouraging to go shopping and feel as though nothing fits.  It can be incredibly damaging to the self esteem.
So I compiled a list of online retailers with excellent selections.  I recommend having a cloth measuring tape and taking measurements, plus reading the comments on any item prior to purchase.  If comments indicate it runs small, I will go up a size.
[Torrid][].  Their stuff is cute and has the bonus of being actual clothing.  I still regularly wear the Wonder Woman dress I bought around Halloween last year.  I always get compliments on it.
[Hips and Curves][] always has good stuff.
[Leg Avenue on Amazon][].  Their plus size cozy costumes come in a variety of adorable animals and fit really well.  Last year I was a cozy shark for that party!
[Woman’s Day][] put together some tutorials that might help inspire some to create neat costumes out of different pieces.
[][]. When I went poking around, they had over 500 different options for women, and if you filter for “sexy,” they had 85.  My only concern would be if they fit like [this][].
So I figured I’d save some of you the trouble of researching this, since it can get pretty discouraging out there for anyone who wears a plus size around this time of year.
Good luck and happy shopping!

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Christmas bunny has been exploring kink since she was legal to do so.  Her serious writing started in college, where she accidently got some of her papers published in educational journals.  She has recently expanded her writing to include her kink journey.  She began writing in the physical realm, but shed some of her inhibitions and began sharing those entries with others.  She now keeps an active blog of her personal growth and her relationship with her Master / Daddy Dominant and writes helpful educational posts on a variety of subjects.


  1. TanyaJones says:

    your stuff is always a delight!

  2. firefairy says:

    What are you going to be for Halloween this year? 🙂

  3. Dame TylerRose. says:

    I did not see it in your list…Hot Topic has a Plus Size line that goes up to their version of a 5X. Check the size chart measurements to be sure, as they usually do run a tad small. I’ve bought an Ursula dress and a Meg (from Hercules), plus a TARDIS dress.

    I use Halloween stores to purchase socks, costume accessories, wigs, and housewares.

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