Book Review: Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph

Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph is the first of a four book series. There is little similarity between the books within the series other than the theme of BDSM and the recurring appearance of characters threaded throughout. I’ve completed the entire series and the other three books don’t seem to capture the same magic and relationship as Comfort Object.

Comfort Object hit all of the buttons in what I like out of my erotica; BDSM themes, a strong dominant male figure, and a girl in trouble. To take a next step, the girl in this story is in trouble because the guy purposely gets her into it! We begin with Nell, she’s working as a professional submissive in a dungeon in LA. A very handsome man comes in one evening and pays to dominate her. Spoiler alert, this handsome man is not our main attraction for the book, rather he is to be the male lead’s assistant. Nell breaks the dungeon rules by meeting this man outside of the dungeon for sex. The head Mistress finds out and subsequently fires her. Come to find out, the sexy male assistant was on a search for his boss to acquire a new submissive. You heard that right, the assistant gets to “test” Nell out for his boss.

Enter Jeremy, famous movie star (of course). After his assistant gives him the information on Nell, he finds her at her new waitressing job and solicits her to be his new assistant. She eventually relents out of financial desperation, only the find out the new “job” is actually to be his live in submissive. I don’t want to give away the rest but sexy shenanigans ensue, Nell gets placed in danger, and you’ll need to read it to find out what happens!

I really liked this book because the BDSM scenes seem very authentic, as if someone who knows what they are talking about wrote them. The D/s exchange is really hot and I love the power play between Jeremy and Nell. I will say that Jeremy is borderline a terrible jerk for a portion of the book. He does not take care of Nell mentally and emotionally like a D/s dynamic should be but a lot of that is due to the contractually relationship they share. There are also a few moments where the contract and perhaps even consent were thrown the wayside. I would have liked Jeremy to be more stable as he was echoing some Christian Gray standards.

The book also shared group sex scenes which I really enjoy reading about. Many of the past BDSM themed erotica avoid this theme, centering the book solely on a monogamous relationship. This was a change to the repetition of the last few books I had read. I highly recommend Comfort Object for your summer reading. The other three books in the series, Caressa’s Knees, Odalisque, and Command Performance are also very entertaining but lacking that “spark” I enjoy in my erotica. I hope to check out more of Annabel Joseph’s books a sI rarely follow specific authors, so it would be nice to have a new go to! The Comfort Object series is available here.

anniebear is a submissive living with her partner Dexx in Los Angeles. She enjoys writing, modeling for friends, animal rescue, and teaching herself how to cook. You can catch her on Fetlife or Facebook.


  1. lilkit says:

    omg i love that book too! glad its getting some attention. did not have the same opinion on Jeremy though…

  2. Vice Erotica says:

    I found book 3, Odalisque, to be fairly close to book 1. But I LOVE this series – can’t wait to finish book 4 and dig up what else she has on Kindle! Great review :*

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