Conclusion of Showtime’s Submission, Episodes 5 & 6


Submission goes full on erotic thriller and sets us up for a possible season 2.

A real life submissive reviews the final two episodes of Showtime’s Submission.

After 6 episodes of Submission, I’ve pretty much exceeded my lifetime quota for soft porn. The show was hyped as a series that dared to go where 50 Shades of Grey didn’t. But where is that exactly?

The first two episodes piqued our interest, giving us the vanilla-turned-kink take on BDSM discovery. The next two episodes provided an exhilarating look into a D/s courtship complete with spanking assignments and orgasm denial. And the series wraps with a full on erotic thriller. I’ll admit, each layer does make the show more entertaining and it would be interesting to see the stories unfold in a format that isn’t premium cable. Luckily if you need more of a taste, Jacky St. James has two films that dive into more sensual BDSM that I highly recommend.

The penultimate episode of Submission takes us on a tour of Elliot, the Dom-equin’s dungeon. He and his new submissive finally discuss limits and safewords, and you can hear a collective sigh of relief from the entire kink community. Cactus is her safeword. I think it’s adorable when people pick their own safewords in lieu of the more technical color-coded red, yellow, green. The safeword discussion foreshadows what’s to come in the finale, but before that happens we see an exquisite scene with a Violet Wand… something on every sensualist’s wishlist. It sizzles and zaps, creating sensations unlike anything. It’s more erotic than painful and highly visual which makes it so beautiful to watch.

We see them take the sensations further with a mummification scene where he wraps his submissive in saran wrap (or marked up bondage wrap), depriving her of any movement. The ultimate device to restrain someone head to toe. I never thought I’d be into mummification but I could almost feel the cling of the plastic on my skin and the erotic exhale when he finally exposed her tits. This was worth watching a few times.

As the storylines wrap up, we finally get an explanation as to why Dylan is such a nut case. She’s hired as a cock-cierge who recruits women for him and has access to video evidence of Elliot lying to women about his identity. None of this makes sense but it continues to escalate as we find out the true intentions of the Dom-equin. I’m already bored by the plot device and am not invested enough in these characters to care about their betrayals. By the final scene of the series, they want us to wonder who is the real Nolan Keates, but really we’re just wondering why can’t there be more BDSM scenes?

Subby observations
-It’s cute that the show brings up polyamory out of nowhere, although entering into a triad relationship with your employer is never a wise choice.
-On being loaned out: One of the best feelings as a submissive is making your Dominant so proud of you that he wants to parade you, share you, and loan you out. It’s such an amazing exercise in trust and power. Being a submissive is like being a toy. And toys absolutely love being played with.

Zoey Trope is an LA-based kinkster and writer perving on the internet since AOL chat room days and has been drifting down the rabbit hole since. You can find more personal stories about sex, love, and BDSM here. Follow Zoey on Twitter for her most intimate current thoughts.


  1. monica L says:

    i really liked this show. they got a lot wrong but it was good fantasy

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