Event Review: The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls


The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls opened its doors at North Hollywood’s BDSM club Lair de Sade last weekend for its Spring Session. New students flocked to their doors, with plaid skirts and sharpened pencils – ready for a day of learning and surely a bit of discipline. All students had previously registered online to ensure their admittance, read through and agreed to the Academy’s structure and curriculum, and had been properly vetted.

A school role-play scenario has always topped my list of kinky interests. Everything about it excites me – the wardrobe, writing on the chalkboard, flirting with the Professors, being sent to the Principal’s office, being humiliated in front of my peers… So when I first stumbled across the event page for The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls, I’m not sure I could’ve been any more excited. I quickly registered, and signed Daddy up to be a voyeur as all “Top” positions were already fulfilled. I listed my interests and hard limits, expressed my enthusiasm, and hoped for the best! I received a warm reply from the event’s organizer, confirming all necessary details and welcoming me to the Academy.

I was oddly nervous the day of the event. It was at a space I was familiar with, Daddy would be with me, and I knew limits and consent would be established – so I had no fears of being ‘thrown to the wolves,’ but the nerves still persisted. I dressed up in my ‘schoolgirl best,’ opting for an outfit substantially more “little” and less “Catholic school girl” as it was how I was feeling that morning. I smoothed my black skirt, adjusted my pink stockings, double checked my pigtails and pink bows, and willed my black Mary Jane shoes to carry me throughout this day. I grabbed my kitty tote bag and Daddy’s hand and walked through the door.

I stopped at the Registration Desk to complete my necessary paperwork (your usual consent and event liability forms), pay my tuition, get a nametag, and meet Principal Charles. He welcomed me to the Academy by name, recognizing me from my online application (aka: my Fet profile). Principal Charles gave me a brief outline of the day, welcomed Daddy, and invited us to head inside to relax before classes started.
We sat down with a few people we knew from the local community, and chatted with a few faces we didn’t recognize. I noted that most of the girls were in plaid skirts and crisp white button-up shirts, and quickly picked out whom I presumed was the Academy’s “troublemaker” from his all black attire, leather fingerless gloves, and hacky sack. Everyone seemed to know each other – my insecurities over being “the new girl” were in full force! I resolved to myself to be on my best behavior, make Daddy proud, and enjoy the day.

Principal Charles called school to order, and we all gathered in a room to be seated and await instructions. He explained the outline of the day, including our class schedule and how disciplinary actions would be managed and carried out. We were introduced to the professors, the Vice Principal, the student teacher, and the school nurse. Principal Charles then asked everyone to take out a pen and a piece of paper. I froze in panic, as I had a pen with me – but no paper! My flustered face met similar looks across the room, as well as disapproval from the Principal. He told all of us who were unprepared to stand, and come to the front of the class. We were all to be punished for coming to class without needed supplies. I was horrified! How could I have not thought of this?! I mean, I had snacks and my coloring book and markers for recess and after school – but no paper?! I was humiliated to be bent over in front of everyone and spanked, but I took my strokes without complaint. The others were disciplined in similar fashion, and then classes were to begin.

Our first class was math. Our poor Professor – he just didn’t know what was coming. A room full of kinky, rowdy, possibly horny students… It wasn’t a minute after Principal Charles walked out that the paper airplanes started flying, the notes were being passed, and general misbehavior was ensuing. Our basic lesson of Pi and Algebra were interrupted by bratty outbursts and crumpled papers being thrown across the class. Each offense was met with a Discipline Form, and soon half our class was in the throes of punishment. I defended myself against false accusations from the louder students, and giggled as I watched girls come back from the Principal’s office and wince as they sat on their wooden chairs.

We attended one more class with in which the antics persisted, but the Professor was slightly more successful in delivering his lesson. We then broke for recess, and I nearly skipped to go sit with Daddy and his friends. They had been sitting around a table watching the hilarity over the last hour, smoking cigars, and catching with up with each other. Daddy greeted me with a kiss, asked how my day was, and offered me some of his cigar. I smiled and warmly accepted, chatting about my day. Within 2 minutes, a stern “Young lady! Are you smoking on campus?” came from behind me and my eyes went wide. I was caught! I was grabbed by the arm and taken to the Principal’s Office, with Daddy smirking as I walked away – he had set the whole thing up as I was behaving “too good” all day! I filled out my Discipline Form, and received my strokes. I left the office to a chorus of “oooooooh’s” from my peers, and questions as to how “the good girl” got in trouble at recess. “Smoking on campus!” I spat back, shocking them all, and returning with a scowl to Daddy’s side. We shared a laugh as it was all in good fun.

Principal Charles announced recess was over, and we all shuffled back to class. Our 3rd class was English – taught by a ‘real life’ English teacher. I’ve never seen so many previously mischievous students furiously start taking notes! We knew there was a Final Exam at the end of the day, and all of these parts of speech and phrases seemed like just the sort of thing to be on it! The class was not entirely well-behaved though, as the boy I previously labeled a ‘trouble maker’ sat through nearly the entire class with his hacky sack in his mouth – at the demand of the Vice Principal. English was soon over, and we headed to Wood Shop – which we soon realized was Paddles:101. It was a surprisingly informative time spent learning about different types of wood, their sounds upon impact, and how their impact felt. Principal Charles popped into the class and informed the Professor that “a students Father just called, requesting a special instruction on the differences between ‘thuddy’ and ‘stingy’” – Of course, that student was me. I threw on my full ‘brat,’ stomping and pouting to the front of the classroom. I was paddled by every implement he had until I could distinguish the woods from their sound and bite alone, as well as determining my favorite. I walked back to my seat, and flashed Daddy a sarcastic “Thanks Daddy!” as he had joined in the room to watch the demonstration.

It was now time for our Final Exam, and we were all ushered back to the main classroom. We were given 5 questions and 1 bonus question, and we all wrote down our answers. Well, some students just doodled – there was lots of doodling the entire day. I was thrilled that I had paid attention, and beamed when I got all 6 questions correct. Myself and one other student were rewarded with “good girl spankings” from a wicked acrylic paddle, and then got to watch in amusement as the reprimands got increasingly worse as the Exam scores declined. I secretly wished I’d gotten just 1 wrong – I’d finally started to relax into the ‘role play’ of everything and yearned for a little chastisement! We exited class for the day, and I knew I had to invite my friends to study at the next Academy!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Principal Charles after the class activities had commenced (some students required additional discipline) to learn more about the Academy, as well as the group he runs. We were joined by the student teacher, Naughty, who is his lovely wife.

Thank you both for such an awesome day – I didn’t know what to expect, but all of this was just great! Tell me about this group that you run, and how today’s event came about.

Charles: We took over the group almost 4 years ago now, from the original founder who ran it for a number of years out of his house. We moved it to the Lair de Sade when attendance started to get to be too big to be held in a house. When we took over the group, every September we would have a ‘school girl party’ – “Back To School” or so we called it. It was always one of the most heavily attended events that we had. So we said, “You know, people really seem to like this!” Both my wife and I attended some other parties – they had an academy and they ran it for several hours. They have teachers, classes being taught, a curriculum, you have to register, you go to different classes at different times. We thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea! It’s fun! We could probably do this at our local parties.” So first – we totally stole the idea. But we recognize that it’s a big trigger for a lot of people; it’s a scenario that people like. And so we’re running them now about once a quarter. On the other months, we still run our normal play parties, which are a typical open-play kind of parties.

Got it. Your first party – was it strictly a ‘school girl’ dress-up type party or did you have some type of structure to it?

Charles: The first one that we did was exactly as you saw today. Structured, we had teachers, we had classes – we had probably too many classes, it went a little longer. So that’s why we’re pairing it down and giving the attendees time for break or “recess” as we call it. We do try to get the students to move from one end of the space to the other and back so it feels like school. It’d be great if we actually had desks and things like that, maybe someday we’ll find an area where we can do that

So in addition to cutting down the number of classes, what have you learned from your first party to this party? Perhaps the pros/cons of those first ones versus today’s event?

Naughty: I would say the flow as far as making sure its consensual, but yet still trying to have it in a school setting. So making sure the students fill out the punishment slip and knowing what their limits are and what they want – it was a little haphazard in the first class today as far as the flow of it and figuring out how to set it up. So now its gotten more seamless as far as getting the consent, knowing what they can take, and implementing it.

Got it. I can definitely see how it’s a lot to organize and manage! So is the Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls, this role play type event all your group does? Or is it more?

Charles: We are the Hollywood Spanking Plus Group – that’s the actual group. We run these parties about once every 3 months or so, and then the other months we run just a normal play party. We are Spanking “Plus” because we have gone beyond just spanking because people are into BDSM – I mean, we’ve always been into BDSM but spanking was the original trigger – but we just began to notice that with more and more people – the groups were meshing. There wasn’t the same distinction. Or there was more curiosity about trying something a little but more.

Naughty: We wanted to do some rope, try using whips, floggers, things like that. Traditionally speaking in spanking – once upon a time, it was very strict in all the different groups about what you could do; it was very frowned upon to have any kinds of ropes or that sort of thing. So in changing with the times and what we like, we just expanded it a bit.

So how did you both get into this lifestyle, meet each other, etc?

Naughty: A little bit of backstory… We met at a spanking party. It was this group, with the prior owner. I had been in the closet my whole life, never told anyone about my desires until I was getting divorced and went to a spanking party from a different group. Charles saw that I was listed to attend the next party, so he reached out to me and was asking some questions. We decided to meet.

Charles: I was actually mentoring somebody at the time, I was looking for a party that she could attend where the people were understanding – wouldn’t beat her up too bad as she was very skittish about the whole thing. I was also looking for submissive women who hadn’t been in the scene for that long, that had gone to one of the prior parties so I could ask a few questions: what’d you think/how were the people/how was it like/etc. Naughty was who responded to me. We started chatting back and forth through messages on Fet, and at one point she said “oh your girlfriend…” and I said “oh no, she’s not my girlfriend – she’s someone I’m mentoring” – and Naughty said “OH! Well in that case…” And it grew from there! That was over 5 years ago.

Naughty: We just got married last year and we have a Domestic Discipline Household. So you could consider us 24/7, but a lot of what we do is for fun. But we do have rules in our household.

Oh my gosh! That’s a whole different interview for a whole different day!!!

Naughty: It’s an amazing group, its been a lot of fun. Our regular parties are almost like hanging out at a cocktail party, but people are getting spanked!

That’s my kind of party! Is there a website or a FetLife page for your group?

Charles: We are on FetLife as a Group under Hollywood Spanking Plus, our Group profile which is Hollywoodspanko, and personally – we have a joint account Bluemeetsblue.

Vice Erotica is a photographer, writer, and babygirl from Southern California. She is a regular contributor for Kink Weekly. When she’s not photographing pretty things, she enjoys cigars, collars, and planning her next adventure. You can view more of her work here.


  1. WOW!

    Great review and interview! Thanks for the contributions.

    I’ve always wanted to attend an event but have always had something come up at the last minute.

  2. babylil says:

    this sounds fantastic! I’m so bummed i missed it-looks right up my ally. sounds like it was really well organized and realistic. can we please have these events more often!!!!!!!???

  3. I was nervous about the prospect of being spanked by people I didn’t know and not having the opportunity to play with my date. However, after reading your review and interview, I will definitely make it to Fall session 🙂

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