Event Review: Pandora Play Party, Sydney

I’ve just returned from the land down under. It was actually a dual trip stopping in New Zealand and then heading on to Australia. It was my first time in Australia but a repeat for New Zealand. You can read my review of some kink events I’d previously attended in New Zealand here. I knew being my first time in Australia I had to make the kinky most out of it! Luckily there was a BDSM event that was right up my ally while I was in town.

The Pandora Play Party was advertised as “one of Sydney’s premier play parties which was formed to help provide a comfortable environment and fun atmosphere for Sydney kinksters who wish to meet like-minded people and be free and open about their fetish.” The party is for kinksters from all walks of life but caters to those 40 years old and younger. I know that the 40 and under parties are often riddled with controversy here in the states so I had imagined theirs might encounter the same type of scrutiny. I was still very curious how Aussies get kinky though and RSVPed for myself and my friend after a quick conversation via the messenger app kik with one of the party organizers. I was informed that this was a crossover party, a rare breed of kink and swinger merged into one party. I knew that many had tried and failed to create a space for both of these groups even here in Los Angeles however I had also heard in other communities, particularly smaller ones, these groups often came together for a good time. This was going to be an interesting night!

We flew into Sydney on a Saturday and the party was the same evening. We grabbed an Uber from our place in Surry Hills only to realize the party location was a bit further than we had anticipated (having no knowledge of the lay of the land). We were nervous about arriving late as the organizer told us to come no later than 9:30pm but we kept our fingers crossed and soldiered on! We pulled onto a residential street with medium to large-sized homes. The driver dropped us in front of what we believed to be the right house and sped off. We could hear the distinct sound of whipping and some music and we knew we were in the right place!

We walked through a gate at the side of the house and around to the back as instructed. I noticed a beautiful pool in the back yard and many people were milling about. We were directed to the inside and there we met one of the other cohosts of the party. She was very friendly and knew exactly who we were once we gave our names. She chatted with us and offered us complimentary champagne. Everyone was dressed in sexy lingerie for the women and jeans and shirts for the men, though later in the evening the men became increasingly more undressed. We sure didn’t mind that! The other host came up to greet us and gave us a quick lay of the land. The house was large with several ceiling and wall hard points on the lower level. The upper level held multiple bedrooms and bathrooms wherein a lot of sexy time was happening.

There was a heavy flogging scene in progress compliments of the home owner, the girl’s behind was heavily marked. There was rope in progress in the other half of the room. The rope tying would continue throughout the evening with several couples moving in and out of the space trying partial and full suspensions. We were also delighted to see a woman tying another girl in an egg shaped, hanging whicker chair. I so badly wanted to take a photo but didn’t want to invade anyone’s privacy but let me tell you she was pure genius and the rope bottom was loving it!

Everyone we met throughout the night was so incredibly nice, friendly and open to chatting. I found this to be opposite many of the regular parties in Los Angeles where though I love attending and have amassed a good group of friends, these can often have an air of superiority and snobbery. We learned more about the Sydney scene and that this particular party was new to the venue we were visiting. We never would have known because of how well it was set up and run. The Pandora party did receive some flak from those not appreciating the 40 and under restriction but I did notice there were a few in attendance who appeared over 40 which goes to show that compromises can be made for the right people!

As the night progressed I decided it would be fun to do a little Topping action. I cuffed my friend to the wall, grabbed my toy bag and proceeded to give her a sound spanking along with impact play and flogging. The scenes at this party were much more “front and center” with people typically stopping to watch for long amounts of time. This made me slightly nervous as I am newer to topping, however I was among good, non-judgmental company and quickly relaxed into it. I took my time teasing and squeezing her body but as space was slightly limited for this type of play, I eventually had to wrap up the scene.

We went and relaxed, having a drink. All of a sudden I thought someone must have had an accident as the fire department showed up….or rather one particular man form the fire department appeared. He was actually just some extra entertainment for the evening! We were treated to a show as he danced his way around the room playing with fire, and he was hot!

The night was getting late for us so we decided to head home. We said goodbye to everyone and thanked them for the great time. All in all, the Pandora Play party is great for people of all skill levels and interests. It was about 40/60 ratio in terms of kink to swingers but everyone was super respectful of one another. Being that they mostly kept the actual sex acts separate from the BDSM helped to minimize any discomfort for those who are not necessarily into both at the same time. I’d definitely recommend this party!

anniebear is a submissive living with her partner Dexx in Los Angeles. She enjoys writing, modeling for friends, animal rescue, and teaching herself how to cook. You can catch her on Fetlife or Facebook.


  1. KittyCat says:

    Is that a bit of snark/ageism I see here “…a few in attendance who appeared over 40 which goes to show that compromises can be made for the right people.”? Isn’t this lifestyle supposed to be welcoming and supportive of ALL? Let’s stop being hypocritical here.

    I’m not taking issue with the event organizers choosing to cater to the 40 and under set. I’m pointing out the author’s possible biases in her descriptions.

    • kinkweekly says:

      Hi KittyCat- I wanted to clarify as I can see how you may have read that statement. I was not referring to physical appearance-I meant only that the host mentions in their invite that anyone with concerns about the age restriction could reach out to the group. The hosts have friends over forty that they know well who are of course welcome to attend. I meant that exceptions could be made for the right people who are not creepy single men or women coming to perv and offer no value to the party in the form of conversation or participation. I hope that helps to clarify and thanks for reading. -anniebear

  2. KittyCat says:

    Since the information about the invitation isn’t included in the article, it is very easy to infer that much judging was being done.

  3. This ” swingers party” has now since closed down in NSW due to a drink spiking allocations
    And has now sprung up on the Gold Coast
    The previous venue was apparently owned by kinksters and loaned out to pandora play

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