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UPDATE: Currently this book is no longer available on We will update again as soon as it becomes available once more!

Alright everyone, I’ve got a confession to make and it’s a little humiliating doing it so publicly but I’m into that so here goes: I’ve recently gotten into reading sci-fi BDSM. Think aliens kidnapping humans and BDSM/power exchange ensues. Thankfully I know I’m not alone in this interest as I’ve corroborated this “kink” with others near and dear to me. It is slightly uncomfortable admitting to this seemingly taboo topic. I happened upon one story collection in particular that hits all the important buttons for a (in my opinion) good erotic story. These buttons include being well written, imaginative, hot, and “relatable” in so much that I could imagine along with the character all of these things happening to me.

Human Surrender: Five Dark Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novellas is a captivating collection for it’s genre. The book includes five different stories from five different authors. Typically in the vast online erotica to be found on Amazon, it’s difficult to come across anything of much quality or that will hold ones attention. There is also the bang for your buck factor. I don’t even bother purchasing erotica that is under 100 pages because it’s not worth it. I want long, meaty (no pun intended) stories that I won’t blow through in an hour.

Each story was similar in a way; an almost humanlike alien or aliens somehow captures or comes across a human woman and kidnaps or saves her. There is a battle of wills at first, but ultimately the love story wins. There are elements of Stockholm syndrome and even a bit of rape fantasy. I think the latter was presented in a way as not to “trigger” people who have actual experienced that type of trauma. These stories are lighter on the BDSM play but heavy on the Dominance and power exchange. There is also plenty of MMF threesomes to be had *swoon*. The “alien” element was not so different as to have tentacles or strange experiments though there as definitely some medical play fantasies going on. The portrayal of the alien beings were very human like in nature as well as the sex.

I was captivated by these stories and could hardly put them down. Perhaps it played on the part of my brain that enjoys imagining these fantasies rather then them actually happening to me. I mean, would I really want to be kidnapped for example? Would I ever explore a rape fantasy? That’s the beauty of reading, opening your imagination to possibilities, even ones that could never happen in real life. I think a lot of the stuff you find in books can be translated into everyday life or play scenes in some form or another.

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path that will make you hot, check this collection out!


  1. ViceErotica says:

    Thanks for getting me hooked on these, darling! I’m wrapping up #4 of 5 I think. *swoon* The best I’ve read in a really long time!

  2. Thanks for the review!!

    • kinkweekly says:

      My pleasure! Just updated it to add the link to the Amazon page so people can find it ๐Ÿ™‚ -anniebear

  3. My book is out as an individual now (His Human Slave) and the follow up book is out. Would it be okay to quote from this review as an editorial review of His Human Slave?

    • kinkweekly says:

      Hello! Sorry I am just getting back to you. Of course you can. We were wondering when your book would be available on Amazon again?

  4. Mistress Laurent says:

    so now I am despondent. It is unavailable EVERYWHERE i checked. Curses. I was so excited to hear about these novellas!

    • kinkweekly says:

      Oh my goodess you’re right! I’ll see if I can reach the author to find out what’s going on!

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