Review of Showtime’s Submission, Episodes 3 & 4


Showtime’s Submission steals our panties and melts our submissive hearts. A real-life submissive reviews Episode 3 and Episode 4 of Submission which airs Thursdays on Showtime.

We are halfway through the series and thus far, we’ve only had an amuse-bouche of BDSM. Now we kick off “Smut” (Episode 3) with a scene in progress involving blindfolds, restraints, floggers, nipple clamps, and the inimitable Wartenberg wheel. Those exciting ingredients make for a well-rounded session in which a variety of sensations can be experienced. The close-up shots are extremely erotic and voyeuristic. Most sensual play can tantalize for several hours without penetration. When you’re bound and blindfolded, your concept of time is warped. Light touches are fleeting, hard impacts sting and drag on. And then there’s the unbearable emptiness when you’re untouched and unaware of what’s to come. Unfortunately, the scene falls flat when it quickly devolves into a sex scene.

Let’s take a moment to discuss this mannequin of a Dom (Dom-equin?). Elliot who goes by Nolan Keates. He’s the 50 shades of spray tan version of Christian Grey. He becomes enamored by Vanilla Ashley and steals her panties. That’s pretty insane, not to mention, desperate. Sure, you’ve all heard stories (mine especially) of Doms being presented panties as a symbol of submission. This is so not the case.

In an ambitiously titled fourth episode, “Master” shows the redemption of Elliot the Dom-equin, . This is the episode to melt your submissive hearts because it’s BDSM Seduction 101. After meeting Ashley and obsessing over her stolen panties, he showers his hopeful submissive with a gift, a manuscript of his novel. Something that only he could give her that attaches something tangible to an abstract feeling. It’s brilliant, really. He challenges her, “If you think my books excite you, imagine what the real thing could be.” and we know how taunting can send you into a tailspin. He plants that idea in her head and orders her not to cum until he says so. There’s no follow-through of course, so we have to assume she followed his instructions.

The courtship continues and I get serious heart eyes when he tests her obedience with her first task. Every submissive remembers his/her first task. I can almost hear the words echoing from my own adored Dom. She passes, but when she neglects to answer her phone, he disciplines her with 5 spanks. She completes with the help of her friend but confesses that she actually got spanked a total of 10 times. Logically, she must be punished. The banter was quite endearing. He warns her of how easy it is for him to deny her his attention. That fear looms and we see an example of what he means when he is with his other submissive, Dylan who is pining for his attention. When she pouts, he reads her mind, “You wished you hated me.” While my submissive heart melts for the courtship, this scene breaks my heart. Being neglected and deprived while reminded that even if a Dominant were to release you, you’ll always love him… LIke I said, heartbreaking.

The power exchange that occurs within a D/s relationship only exists because the submissive gives up control and entrusts it to the Dominant. It’s a gift. I remember handing my panties to my Dom, hearing and seeing how he carried them with him while I was under his consideration, and how it felt to finally be collared. This is unlike any courtship, which makes it special for any submissive to see this portrayed on a show like this.

Subby Observations:
● As a cuckquean (one who gets off on one’s partner fucking someone else, more specifically fetishizing infidelity), I enjoyed the hell out of the scene where Vanilla Ashley is on the phone with her ex-boyfriend while he’s faux-humping a much hotter and I’m assuming, better in the sack, new conquest. Good for him. And good for the girl he’s fucking who is obviously getting off on knowing his ex is on the other line. I tip my whore fedora (whor-dora?) to her.
● I love that Not-so-Vanilla-anymore Ashley counts out her spanks. When you’re getting a real hard spanking, counting is impossibly difficult.
● Here’s a move that I think all bratty submissives should learn. Doms, look away! Ultimate brat move is handcuffing your Dom and hiding the key inside your pussy. I had to watch this scene several times with a sinister grin. If only I could get away with it…

Zoey Trope is an LA-based kinkster and writer perving on the internet since AOL chat room days and has been drifting down the rabbit hole since. You can find more personal stories about sex, love, and BDSM here. Follow Zoey on Twitter for her most intimate current thoughts.


  1. haha is it bad I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this show each week?

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