My Journey From Vanilla to Kink

hudsy-5(© 2018 Shawn Flint Blair Photography)

Let me introduce myself.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Brooke and I was a Disneyland Singer!

Today, I’m Hudsy, and I am a Hollywood Dominatrix.

And I’m coming out.

Well, the truth is, I’ve been somewhat “out” for quite a while now.

The  recent premiere of my musical memoir pushed me all the way out of my kinky closet.  

The show marquee read: Brooke Wilkes is Hudsy Hawn in “From Vanilla To Kink.”

hudsy-3(© 2018 Shawn Flint Blair Photography)

And you know what?

I am honored to finally have those two names out in the open, loud and proud, printed next to each other in the same sentence. We don’t exist without one another, and it was very difficult leading those two very public, yet separate lives, for so long.

In 2015, while curating classes as Head Mistress in charge of Education at The Stockroom, I debuted an earlier version of my memoir show based on my music video and song called “The Mermaid Diaries.” With Sanctuary LAX’s consent, we also shared an encore performance for attendees at the DomCon FetishBall.  However, soon thereafter, I lost my Father to cancer, and everything suddenly changed. I found myself in a sort of hibernation.

The plot of my musical memoir shares how one late night after months of divorce negotiations, and a long day of work at Disneyland, I accidentally met my first male Dominant on Craigslist. That day my life was forever changed – from “vanilla to kink.”

We all have a unique story on how or why we chose BDSM. I’ve never been one for masochism or physical pain. However, right after my marriage ended,  I found the emotional role play of BDSM to be extremely healing and satisfying to my inner submissive nature. It filled a lifetime of empty spots that needed patching. That’s why for over thirteen years now, I have decided to keep the BDSM community as a regular and therapeutic part of my life-whether by just being a Switch in the lifestyle or as a Professional Domme Player taking sessions at The Dominion, Throughout my journey, I continue to learn profound things about myself and others.

My most rewarding experiences have been coaching newbie couples and teaching classes at events like Exxxotica Expo.  My failed marriage showed me just how hard it can be to keep our relationships interesting.  With this being said,  I’m a big believer in creating personally tailored protocols in order to stay connected, while also benefiting from the tremendously sexy and fun experiences that consensual Dominance and submission can provide.

I realize that I am an American, heterosexual, cisgender woman of white privilege, and life is usually easier for me than most. However, I’m also a public figure who is OUT as kinky. While that has shown me my own share of prejudices, I am thankful that my show’s story of how it happened has resonated with so many vanilla people. I’ve watched those that it first challenged (like family, colleagues, and close friends) as they’ve started to re-consider, contemplate, and ask  the “Why” of it all. And that’s progress, at least for me.

At our last show,  I saw what my amazing cast and crew did for the vanilla audience in that room. I watched people gain perspective, and understand sex positive diversity in a whole new way.  Rather than try to convert the audience, we simply shared a glimpse of who we are. I merely explained why Brooke became Hudsy – why she was who she was – and they got it!

hudsy-6(A glimpse into a play party- “From Vanilla To Kink.” Feat. L to Rt: Mistress Lex, Kasod, Switch Stormy, sub Alice, Mistress Gloria, Hudsy, Feenix, Wicked, Surka & Mistress Maia. © 2018 Chris King Photo)

Using my shows, classes, and ongoing coaching through my Trinity team at MeldxMend, I am looking forward to continuing to demonstrate the healing message of Kink, by taking my story all over the world, and sharing the many lessons and adventures I experience with KinkWeekly’s readers along the way.

I hope to meet you personally when I visit your town.

About Hudsy Hawn:

Hudsy Hawn is a well-known BDSM Educator, Pro Domme, Performance Artist, Writer and Lifestyle Coach who has appeared in Buzzfeed’s “The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” Playboy Radio, The Jason Ellis Show, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Cosmopolitan & Playboy, the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” and A&E’s Storage Wars. For more visit her official website at



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