Lodbrock Pillory Set Review

The lovely Lodbrock Pillory Set

When I first laid eyes on the Lodbrock pillory set I was instantly impressed. The case that holds the set looks and feels like a treasured antique or something straight out of Game of Thrones. The magnificent, detailed finishing of the wood of the case and vintage-looking, ornate latches made me instantly want to see what was inside.

The surface of the case feels smooth and is definitely something that will add a lot of class and character to my home. It is a comfortable size at about three feet or so long. It also looks extremely discrete, and I have no qualms about leaving the case in my living room; my friends will never guess that anything kinky is inside it.

Upon opening the pillory set, I first held the flogger and paddle. They too have ornate detailing and I could instantly tell they were made of really good quality leather. They are both very well crafted, and it is obvious that they will hold up for years to come. I was quite excited for my Master and I to play with these items. It is clear these toys had a lot of care put into them throughout the making process and are of high quality. The paddle is flexible and bounces back into place after every swat or spanking (the full name of the paddle is “The Spanker”). The flogger is quite versatile, and the sound and swat are extremely unique due to its double-layered tresses.

The leather blindfold adds another wonderful layer; I love that it has a medieval look to it that compliments the theme of the whole set. It is easy to put on and very comfortable. The blindfold is also very well made and the leather is smooth and inviting. In short, all of the pieces in the set work together very well.

Lodbrock seems to think of everything you need to play in whatever fashion you choose. The set comes with many strong black chains and metal fittings to hang the pillory, even ceiling mounts. It’s great how the set gives kinksters the ability to play both vertically and horizontally with the pillory. The set can be hung from the ceiling at any height too.

In their manual they state that the wood and the metal will age over time, which I think adds so much unique authenticity to the set. Lodbrock is definitely set apart from other companies by their attention to detail and their commitment to creating the most authentic and realistic pieces possible to take you back to medieval times. One could role play easily with this lavish set.

Even the pillory key fits the theme perfectly, and is quite beautiful. The pillory is also extremely sturdy and beautifully crafted; I felt completely safe and secure in it. The set also includes lovely padded leather inlays for the wrists and neck. The inlays definitely add extra comfort, but I like that they are easily removable in case one doesn’t want comfort during play. The inlays are magnetic so they stay in place very well.

Furthermore, I know that Lodbrock sells more than just this set and also sells additional add-ons to the set. I would highly recommend any of their products. They are very reasonably priced, and I am so impressed with what they offer their customers.

Like previously mentioned, their products are well made and clearly handled with care; Lodbrock definitely goes the extra mile to provide the best craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality that I have come across in a long time.

I highly recommend them, and am very honored to review one of their products.

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More About Lodbrock

A small group of artisans and professionals design and create all the products. They love immersing themselves in the past, so they jumped in and started creating the first line around the mystery and fantasy of a medieval theme. Their hope is to make various fantasy worlds for kinky folks to choose from-perhaps, a latex-orientated Kubrick line next.

They started this to create high quality products at reasonable prices. Currently, there is so much junk on the sex toy market. Although a few people are working hard around the world to produce quality equipment, these individuals are mainly single artisans creating a small number of items. Lodbrock has gathered together enough craftspeople to produce large numbers of handcrafted quality items. They have a distribution centre in California and another one in Germany so they can ship quickly within days. No more waiting weeks or months for good equipment. Custom quality, delivered quickly, and at great prices.

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