Relationship Dynamics

Dominatrix: Mercenary Mistress Photographer: Danny Stygion Corset: FetCraft MUA: Texas Dela Rosa Shoes: Refuse To Be Usual Location: Austin Dungeon Relationship dynamics are so very individual.  Vanilla or kink, everyone has to develop their own working model.  The funny thing is that if you google the words "relationship dynamic definition," you get a bunch of … [Read more...]

Navigating Negotiations With Chronic Pain or Illness

I write from my own experiences and from the submissive perspective.  I realize there are many s-type identifiers (slave/sub/bottom/brat, etc.) and many D-Type identifiers (Master/Dom/Top/etc.). However, for the sake of simplicity for this article, I will use sub and Dom going forward. The same is true of gender identifiers that correspond with s-types and D-Types. However, … [Read more...]

How About A Little Personal Responsibility Here?

I am going to start this off by dispelling some rumors, and I am sure people may get upset with me, but oh well. So be it. We all came to like kink because we "Chose" to participate. I know, what a concept, right? I know you are all nodding your heads right now. Now, here is where I get myself into trouble. Whatever role you decided to be was a "Choice". Don't make me bold … [Read more...]

Chapter Two of “Dominatrix Boss: A BDSM Femdom Tale”

Illustration by Dirk Hooper Ava’s Office My mind was racing as I went back to my office. I had a little over an hour to worry about why Ava had asked me to come to her office. After getting caught staring at her, I didn't imagine it was good news. I had been with the company nearly as long as she had. She hired me and I've worked in her division ever since. When I … [Read more...]

Mechanical Milking

There are many ways to skin a cat but please don't. I love these little furry animals and hate any kind of cruelty to animals. My point, there are many ways to milk a male too. In this article I am going to focus on mechanical milking or masturbation by machine. Hands free wanking at its best! Yes folks, believe it or not, there are specially adapted contraptions designed to … [Read more...]