Wedding Present-Part 2

Jason lay back on the couch, nude from the waist down, his half-hard cock still dribbling the tiniest traces of his cum on his leg as he watched Jessica sashay into the bedroom. As the door closed, he turned to look back to Phil, who was still bound to the chair, naked except for his restraints and the cock cage which contained his diminutive manhood. A ring gag pried Phil’s … [Read more...]

Wedding Present

He had never had sex with an audience before, much less an audience that was composed one of his closest friends. But even if he had ever thought that Phil would see him fucking someone, he certainly didn’t expect it to be when he was fucking Jessica. Jason leaned back on the couch as Jessica kneeled down between his thighs. Her manicured fingers moved swiftly as she undid … [Read more...]

Like A Prayer

There was nothing particularly notable about the man sitting in the pews. He wore black denim jeans that might have been a shade too tight, a blue button-up shirt, and a charcoal grey sports coat. Across his lap lay a black trench coat, neatly folded. His dark hair had the first traces of grey in it, but was thick and wavy, and his beard was neatly trimmed. His eyes were closed … [Read more...]

Bound Together

Their breathing slowly came back to normal as they lay together, arms and legs tangled up, remnants of clothing torn and scattered around the room. Her panties would never be wearable again, being little more than scraps of lace attached to an elastic waistband, she wisely had foregone wearing a bra, and her t-shirt was now suitable for nothing other than the recycling bin. He … [Read more...]

Leaving Her (Almost Untouched)

“What are you going to do to me, Sir?” she asked as I finished securing the nylon strap to her left wrist. She was bound to the bed, nylon straps going from each wrist to opposite ends of the headboard, a separate set of nylon straps attached to each ankle and going to the legs of the bed. They were pulled tight - tighter than I normally restrain would restrain her, leaving her … [Read more...]