Buying Guide – Bondage Mitts

Bondage mitts... oh what fun! OK, unlike cuffs, collars and floggers, these aren't part of your every day BDSM scene. When you bring these out to play, you'll be making a statement to your submissive. And that is "you might be able to move your arms around, but you sure won't be doing anything useful with them until I'm ready to let you out". For many players, mitts … [Read more...]

Buying guide – Floggers

Floggers! The quintessential impact implement, and icon of BDSM. Easy to learn, yet difficult to master - these are typically one of the first items added to anyone's BDSM toy-box. Floggers are incredibly versatile. Thuddy, sting-y, caressing, ouchy, jarring, meditative or subspace-inducing. The sensations that can be produced can vary widely and wildly, depending on a … [Read more...]