Reclamation: What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

I recently came across a new concept I was unfamiliar with:  reclamation. From my understanding, it is based in the Stag and Vixen play, which is essentially a respectful “borrowing” of the female, who is then returned and is intimately reclaimed by her partner. I found the concept interesting. It brings focus back on the primary couple. I get how that could seem … [Read more...]

Trouble With The Law

She drove home nervously, checking her mirrors almost compulsively, back roads dark, no street lights to relieve the weight of sky.  Her anxious hand fluttered away from the steering wheel to smooth the tiny skirt against her thighs. She jumped and her heart began to pound when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror. *Perhaps it is for a criminal, or a fire, … [Read more...]

Being New

Being new to the Kink Community can be a pretty terrifying thing, particularly those with any timidity, uncertainty or social anxiety.  It can be a scary thing to realize you have desires which defy societal norms, let alone to venture into a community full of people doing so, many of who have a great deal of experience or have been part of their local scenes for many … [Read more...]

On Bisexuality

Confused Greedy Indecisive Incapable of monogamy Promiscuous Going through a phase Not gay enough Sleeping with the enemy Trans-exclusionary Really only attracted to men Have you heard positive things about people who label as bisexual?  I haven't.  As a female who identifies as bisexual, it has often been assumed my only genuine interest in other … [Read more...]

The Relationship Between My Childhood and My Dynamic

I would hardly say I had a rough childhood.  I rarely wanted for anything material.  Yet at the same time, it was a childhood without the security of loving biological parents.  I was raised by grandparents, and the lack of my natural parents in a regular routine in my life definitely contributed to a lack of emotional security for me. In being someone with a fairly … [Read more...]