Negotiations With The New Girl

She'd bargained to let me watch, touch if I'd wanted. I had declined, prefering to get to know her a little better, and give her the first time with Daddy as a solo act.  I find sometimes more is not merrier when it comes to forging those first physical bonds. She slept between us that night.  I'd been glad to have her there, missing the feminine more than I'd realized.  … [Read more...]

Proper Communication

I think one of my biggest overall frustrations with communication in general is that it does not behave like a cookie cutter.  I can't just press my method of communication on someone else and have them conform to it instantly.  Communication is more like piping frosting.  It is delicate, malleable and starts as a big blob that need to adjust to the people who are utilizing it … [Read more...]

Data Collection

You may remember a while back that I wrote about the possible relationship between some of my childhood experiences and my desire as an adult to have a nurturing Dominant []. I created a survey with six questions.  I had dreamed of a thousand responses, but hoped for a hundred.  Unfortunately, I only … [Read more...]

Keeping Score

I was talking to a friend the other day about relationships (no surprise).  I brought up my feelings about keeping score and my friend wanted me to clarify. My example:  "well you did _______ so I can do _______".  Or "I did _________ and you don't ever do things like that for me." I see that sort of thing a lot.  I don't even think some people realize they do it. My ex … [Read more...]

Plus Size Halloween Costuming

It's that time of year again.  As a plus-size woman (like anyone over size 12 juniors, according to most costume makers) I was less than excited about slogging through the land-mine-filled landscape that is Halloween costume shopping. Last year Daddy and I made plans to attend a pretty spectacular Halloween dungeon party.  Finding a Halloween costume that I didn't hate in a … [Read more...]