Communication: All The Moments

Communication, communication, communication. We hear that word so much in the Kink Community it is a wonder we aren't all sick to death of talking about talking.  The problem is, do we really talk about it?  Do we really teach others how to do it?  Or do we, instead, say the word and assume that is enough?  You have to communicate better.  Lesson learned.  Why didn't I think … [Read more...]

NRE: Sink or Swim

Photography by Mistress Laurent NRE. New Relationship Energy. Chemically, it is the potent mix of adrenaline and endorphins and and all of the other happy juice that hits first when we first develop attraction to another person, then when that attraction begins to deepen into the first stages of a relationship.  When it hits in a particularly strong … [Read more...]

The Benefit of Kik As a female who identifies as a submissive and tends to be a little nervous around new people, joining our local community was a challenging experience. The first time I went looking for it was back in early 2000.  I had a kinky partner and we were interesting in learning more, but the only advice we could scrape up at the time came in the form of … [Read more...]

There Are Two Kinds of People

Model: Domina Mara Taken by: Domina Mara Have you ever read the book before watching the movie and been disappointed because it wasn't what you hoped? Perhaps you saw one despite bad reviews figuring you'd try it anyhow and were pleasantly surprised by how much better it was than you heard? Our prior expectations can truly color an experience.  By having high … [Read more...]

The First Shaky Steps of a Newly Hatched Subsadist

I've been thinking about sadism quite a bit lately. It is conceptually fascinating.  It can live inside just about anyone and range from the smallest blossoming enjoyment of another's pain to enoying creating pain in others as long as the recipient finds pleasure in it, all the way up to those who need to restrain themselves from causing real damage. I've talked some … [Read more...]