Tis The Season To Journal

Christmas is coming.  It's the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? Unless, of course, it isn't.  The holidays can feel very dark, even when we are in partnerships, and that's not even taking into account that December 21st is the longest night of the year.  Something about the holidays, the hustle and bustle, can bring out the very best in us, and the very worst as … [Read more...]

Floggers and Christmas

Last Christmas I thought I'd be adorable and get Daddy some presents we opened in private (*wink, wink*).  These included a leather strap and, so romantically, a wooden paddle laser etched with the word MINE. I hadn't had any experience with paddles prior to that, but their description said "thuddy," and since I like thuddy, I was on board!  He loved the thought I'd put into … [Read more...]

The Misunderstandings of Littles

Pure Rebel - https://www.patreon.com/purerebel The Dark Arts-https://darkestarts.com/ I was still finding myself when I met my Daddy. Correction.  I hadn't even begun trying to find the self I had lost when I met him, yet he inspired me to begin that journey. Along the way, he pointed out to me that I had some of the tendencies of littles.  Having read very little … [Read more...]

Relationship Dynamics

Dominatrix: Mercenary Mistress Photographer: Danny Stygion Corset: FetCraft MUA: Texas Dela Rosa Shoes: Refuse To Be Usual Location: Austin Dungeon Relationship dynamics are so very individual.  Vanilla or kink, everyone has to develop their own working model.  The funny thing is that if you google the words "relationship dynamic definition," you get a bunch of … [Read more...]

Go Get A Cookie

Dirk Hooper Photography I was terrified to go to my first munch.  I'm not sure what depravity I was expecting, or maybe it was fear of being judged for the secret kinky things that I wanted and was afraid to share.  Either way, it was frightening. Daddy and I decided to go early and eat dinner at the location, to get a feel for things.  The food was good, I … [Read more...]