DomCon LA: Everything BDSM!

Now in its tenth year, Mistress Cyan’s DomCon Los Angeles has grown from a small three day exhibition (at the Beverly Garland Motel in the San Fernando Valley – I was there!) to this lavish five day spectacle, truly “The World’s Premiere Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention.” Now ensconced at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel LAX, DomCon runs from May 18th to May … [Read more...]

Whip Essentials

“Whip and Chains.” You’ve heard this phrase a thousand times. It’s what made BDSM famous. (Well, almost.) The chains part is pretty straightforward. But whips… that is another matter entirely. So, Kink Weekly will try to give you an introduction into this exciting aspect of the kink world. Trying to present an online course on single tails in one article would be like … [Read more...]

2016 BDSM Events

UPDATE: Take a look at the comments section for even more events from our readers! I'm personally extremely excited about this year's activities! From coast to coast and around the world, it seems our kinky cohorts are pulling out all of the stops and presenting some super intriguing events for 2016! I wanted to compile a list for everyone to enjoy. A lot of these happen to … [Read more...]

BDSM Dungeon Etiquette

So you're new and ready to go to your first play party? Or perhaps you've been going to play parties for a while and started letting basic etiquette slip? Oh yes, it's usually the people who should know better that I see making faux pas! So let's go over the most common play party do's and don'ts. CLEAN! This is in reference mostly to the equipment and furniture you are … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Master Gabriel

Dexx: You’re the creator of the Gentleman In Charge event, you teach the BDSM 201 class series, and you create leather products under the Ravynblood Leather brand. For many you’re also known as the voice of DomCon in LA and Atlanta. So, I guess if you go back a little ways, how did you first find yourself coming into the BDSM community? Master Gabriel: Well, actually I first … [Read more...]