Hard versus soft limits

Limits are things that should be discussed during any negotiation. They can be due to medical issues or triggers, however, those are usually discussed separately. Personal limits typically refer to things that have to do with preference versus inability. A "don't want" versus a "can't". Limits (just like most things in a negotiation) can apply to both the bottom and the Top. … [Read more...]

Navigating the public BDSM scene

So, you’ve discovered that you are kinky… Now what? First of all let me congratulate you on taking a step into a much larger world of adventure and experience, good for you! It takes courage to recognize and embrace the fact you may have some interests which mainstream society frowns upon. You are about to enter a world of pleasure and pain, dark desires and wicked … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Threshold

Dexx: You both are board members of Threshold. Could you could tell me a bit of history about Threshold, how long its been around and how it got started? Boogie: Threshold has been around since approximately 1982. We started as the Society of Janis that came from San Francisco. Then, I believe in 1988 we broke off from the society and changed our name to Threshold. We’ve … [Read more...]

Wax Play for Beginners

We have covered some of the BDSM basics in our first few Kink Weekly articles. Now, let’s give you an edge play activity that is both exciting yet easy to do right “out of the box.” One of the easiest to learn and have fun with is wax play – but only as long as you follow some of the basic rules I will outline below. Simply put, wax play is the act of the Dominant … [Read more...]

FetLife Etiquette

FetLife is meant to be the kink lifestyle version of Facebook. Many people assume it's more like a dating site. However that was not the original purpose, which is why you can't search for specific types. Just like anything online, FetLife is prone to trolling and people basically acting in a way they wouldn't if they were standing in front of you. In this article I want to … [Read more...]