Rituals in Power Exchange Dynamics

When we first started our M/S relationship, my Master and I felt that rules were enough to keep our dynamic strong. But over time, we have both found that it is the combination of rules and rituals that keep our relationship at its healthiest. What is the difference between a rule and a ritual? A ritual is something that you do without fail with your partner or for your … [Read more...]

anniebear Interviews Restrained Grace

During DomCon a few months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Restrained Grace creator Miss Annie (yes, it was annie interviewing Annie!). Read on to learn more about her creative and beautiful BDSM gear! anniebear: Alright, Miss Annie, we’re here at DomCon and you’re exhibiting a booth this weekend for Restrained Grace? Annie: Yes. anniebear: So that’s your … [Read more...]

Collars: Another Perspective

Collars. In our DomConLA presentation, “Old Guard vs. New Guard,” we all agreed that, with the fashionistas’ adoption of the collar as a style, the meaning of the BDSM collar has been diluted. Or has it? Maybe it has lost its meaning to the outside world – wearing a slave collar will not shock the world anymore -- yet the most important aspect of the collar still remains. … [Read more...]

A Kink Engagement Ring

You might have caught my two part, true telling of my surprise birthday party in the erotica section a few weeks ago. While the entire party was wonderful with all of my friends in attendance, the huge surprises around every corner, and also Sprinkles cupcakes (!), by far the best and biggest surprise of all was my partner Dexx presenting me with a collar of consideration. If … [Read more...]

Collars and Collaring: Part One

Owned slave or latest Hot Topic fashion? Hard to tell these days. Let’s start with the basics. What can a collar be made out of? The answer is, just about anything. Steel, leather and rope are probably the most popular. However, keep in mind a “collar” isn’t necessarily something that must be worn around the neck. It may be a bracelet, ring, piercing, tattoo, etc. … [Read more...]