No, I Won’t Break You

“Mistress, please just break me down.” “I’ll be anything you want.” “Remind me that I am nothing.” These are all "sexy phrases" I’m assuming submissives have heard or seen in porn or worse? I say assume because for me, phrases like these immediately take me out of my dominant headspace and replaces it with a big “huh?!”. End scene. Do not pass go. Do not collect … [Read more...]

I Like Boys Who Like Girly Things

It was a long way into my kinky journey before I had given the proper amount of thinking to why I have always enjoyed the sight (and very idea!) of boys who like “girly” things. I didn’t grow up in the modern times we now find ourselves in, where gender is fluid, and crosses boundaries rarely imagined before, all as a way of self expression, comfortableness, identity, and a … [Read more...]

The Great D/s Parent Trap

As long as I’ve been on my kink journey, I have remained steadfast in one notion: I want to be catered to. I want to be put first and my happiness right next to it.  I often dreamed of having an equally OCD submissive who could clean my home from top to bottom, maid’s uniform, or panties at the very least, being shown just how I like towels folded and knows the toilet paper … [Read more...]

My Personal Boundaries

Personal boundaries are necessary for everyone. Period. These are the very guidelines that help us establish what behaviors we are willing to accept from others. Boundaries keep our situationships and more with people mutually beneficial, thoughtful, full of purposeful intentions, and connected. Strong boundaries are the very foundation of healthy dynamics with others. If … [Read more...]

Happy Polydays!

Tis the season…For disaster? For long distance trips? Putting up with family members you only see once a year? No, not those things (though they don’t help), I mean the very hectic and stressful Polyday Season™. The time of the year where I consider just signing out of Google Calendar and letting it all go. But that’s not possible. Oh no, not with a polycule. We … [Read more...]