What Happened To All The Sadists and Predators?

“What happened to all the sadists? What happened to those who wanna see us bruised, sweaty and crying for mercy but never giving completely in?” I don’t often speak for a group of people, preferring to speak of my personal experience. But my responses to the above questions received nothing but positive comments, and numerous people began to follow me because of them. So in … [Read more...]

What The Community Owes You

I’ll answer the question right off the bat: NOTHING. The “community”, if you believe in such a thing, does not owe you a single thing. I’ll explain why. I read a thread in which someone decided that everyone has to know everything about BDSM, and is personally responsible for educating all the new people in all the BDSM things. “Even in the realm of BDSM, I still come … [Read more...]