Poly Dating vs. Childbirth (just go with it)

I know what you’re thinking – “WHAAAA????” Just stick with me here and I’ll explain. A discussion came up at the most recent SoCal Poly Support Group meeting about poly dating. Somebody was sharing some bits and pieces about their dating life – the highs and lows (as I’m sure most people have experienced, poly or not). This person said that their opinion was that it was … [Read more...]

Power Exchange Dating: Part Three

Read parts one and two here. The Search for a S-type Life Partner This is the last of three articles that considers what dating issues to keep in mind if you want to ease on into a power exchange partnership. This article is for those who want to find their S – type (submissive or slave). How can I know if my dating partner is The One? Let’s think of how a person … [Read more...]

Power Exchange Dating: Part Two

Read part one here. Dating Search for the Just Right Dominant How can I know if my dating partner is The One? When we consider this question in a dominance/submission light it becomes more than just a dating advice question. Let’s consider how a dating person might sharpen their focus to increase the likelihood of finding their D (dominant). This is the second of … [Read more...]

Power Exchange Dating: Part One

While there is plenty of kink to be had solo there is no power exchange without a partner or partners. Gotta get out there and rub yourself a little somethin’. Mingle. Talk to people. Engage with the kinky masses. Once you do, you may not call what you do “dating” and that's okay. But, is that just because it's happening inside the BDSM world? This is the first of three … [Read more...]

Coming Out of the Closet(S)!

So many closets, so little time. Well, ok, only two closets, however, I've had to come out of them again and again. When you hear that someone "came out of the closet" you may think, "Good for them, it's a big step and now they don't have to worry about it anymore." What people may not realize is that once you come out - that's just the FIRST time. Essentially you have to … [Read more...]