Dexx Interviews Master Gabriel

Dexx: You’re the creator of the Gentleman In Charge event, you teach the BDSM 201 class series, and you create leather products under the Ravynblood Leather brand. For many you’re also known as the voice of DomCon in LA and Atlanta. So, I guess if you go back a little ways, how did you first find yourself coming into the BDSM community? Master Gabriel: Well, actually I first … [Read more...]

Muse in Metal

Model: Muse No sooner had the metal fastened around her wrists than Muse felt a sudden helplessness overcome her. So hard, so unbending, so cold. She had played around with rope and leather before, but this was something different. Her pulse quickened as she knew that he held the only key, and that he wouldn't release her until she had passed his tests. Three tasks he set … [Read more...]