One Size Does Not Fit All

Nude submissive woman shoulder, bdsm act with Wartenberg wheel on black background

I think one thing we can all agree on, whether beginner or experienced, is that the "one size fits all" approach to BDSM doesn't work. Sorry to say, there is no universal way to do BDSM. (That would be too robotic anyway.) Each person has his/her own needs; the way people interact with one another is totally unpredictable. As it would be impossible to look at different personal … [Read more...]

Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley Interview on The Truth About O


Slave Bunny: Can you tell us in your own words what the piece is about?   Ernest: What you're seeing here is a segment of a new book I'm writing, working title, The Truth About O, that is a collection of both personal experiences with the individuals involved and recollections of those who were members of one of Europe's actual existing societies of O. My contact there … [Read more...]

Are We All Switches?


With DomCon Los Angeles ( coming to the L.A. Hilton on the 9th of May, attendees will see an array of both Dom/me and subs – from 24/7 to weekend players. Thus it might be interesting to examine Dominance and submission from a completely different angle. Remember, this is my opinion and my opinion only! I think that, in our modern society, it is nearly impossible … [Read more...]

Spanking: Pleasure or Punishment?


There is a common question in our lifestyle that if a slave enjoys being spanked, how can it also be used as a punishment? Quite confusing, wouldn’t you say? The corollary question is if the Dominant enjoys administering a spanking, how can he/she be objective when deciding when to administer punishment? There is a view that is being promulgated (I sound so pedantic today, … [Read more...]