Dungeon Party Rules to Swear By

Dudes and dudettes, partying is hard work, thats right, it takes time and effort to know how to party correctly. Learning the careful and delicate dance of slamming jagger-bombs and shotgunning a natty while making it look good is no simple task. Here are a few tips to get you started. Most important, know your crowd and how to cater yourself to them. You will need to … [Read more...]

Top Ten Dungeon Tips

With the summer play party season upon us – and the kinkweekly.com launch party a little more than a week away – I think it might be enlightening to offer some “dungeon tips” to our readers. This article -- for both Doms and subs alike – is another compendium of tips compiled from real life interviews with members of L.A.’s famed dungeon, the Lair DeSade. They might not all … [Read more...]

Baadmaster’s Guide to Public Play: Part One

As this is the party season, chances are you will be invited to at least one BSDM “play party.” In these types of gatherings, some couples perform BDSM scenes for everyone to see. Others just socialize. Play parties, besides being fun and instructive, are great for submissives who would find the “I have a private dungeon and don’t play in public” Fifty Shades type of Dominant … [Read more...]