Heavy Play, Safe Play

After a series of articles that were aimed primarily at newbies, we will address the concerns of those of you who want to be heavy players. Often times you meet on forums like FetLife or at local dungeons – or even here! -- and both of you click because you have the need for heavy play. And, of course, you both want it to be safe. Many heavy players eschew the safe word; … [Read more...]

Wax Play for Beginners

We have covered some of the BDSM basics in our first few Kink Weekly articles. Now, let’s give you an edge play activity that is both exciting yet easy to do right “out of the box.” One of the easiest to learn and have fun with is wax play – but only as long as you follow some of the basic rules I will outline below. Simply put, wax play is the act of the Dominant … [Read more...]