So what else is new? After two years immersed in The Dark Lust of “The Truth About O (” with all it’s grim realities I felt the need to write something purely entertaining and sexy with no pretensions to profundity whatsoever. I teamed up with ace BDSM CGI artist Gina Harper to create an illustrated novel about a secret prison for misbehaving CNC … [Read more...]

The Truth About O-Here At Last!

First, my thanks to those who have continued to inquire about and wait patiently for my long-promised novel to appear. Most of the delay was occasioned by technical problems setting up the website to sell it and transact the purchases. I’m happy to report that those hurdles have been cleared.  You can now by a full PDF copy of The Truth About O at for … [Read more...]

The Truth About O by Ernest Greene

The Truth About O by Ernest Greene can now be purchased online for $23.99! The book is a truly gripping account of actual events that will most likely make one see BDSM and power exchange in a new light. Purchase your copy now! The book's website is listed below.     … [Read more...]

Initiation of Cora: Part 4

For Part 3 Click Here For Part 2 Click Here For Part 1 Click Here “I heard I may fuck your mouth without a condom,” said a disembodied voice from above me. I nodded again. “But if you let me out I can do it better.” “Well, well, a rebellious O! I will grant your wish this one time, and think up something else for you afterward.” I was completely naked before … [Read more...]

The Initiation of Cora: Part 3

For Part 2 click here  For Part 1 click here Wherever there is enough money there is a woman willing to do nearly anything to get it. Tonight was Daniela’s first public appearance since losing her final hunt. I can imagine why she’d stayed out of circulation for a while after that gruesome experience. Herrmann slowed down a bit and we turned into a parking area … [Read more...]