Erotica: Spin around the block


She could hear them laughing in the den while she rinsed off dishes and placed them in an orderly fashion in the dishwasher. Dinner had been a success, and she beamed with pride as she remembered all the accolades she'd received throughout the meal. "You've got yourself quite the little chef there," he'd said to her husband as he scraped every last bit of food off his plate … [Read more...]

Erotica: Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Switch It Up

Businessmen tied hand

There were two other scenes in progress when they claimed their spot near the center of the large play space. "Are you ready, pumpkin?" he asked, a wide grin on his face. "Yes, Sir," she responded. "Go ahead and get started, then." He leaned back against the large padded table and watched her take a step back. She lifted her arms dramatically overhead and bent at the … [Read more...]

Erotica: It Starts with a Look


It starts with a look and an introduction. A nervous giggle a stoney expression in return. She fidgets this way and that, shuffling feet and flailing hands. He already knows what to do with her. How to hold her, restrain her, make her squirm in other ways besides nervousness. The date is set. She prepares herself carefully. Her pussy is wet on arrival. She knows he knows. He … [Read more...]

Erotica: Mr. and Mrs. Shameless at Newbie Night


"Get dressed. We're going out tonight." She'd been laying on her belly in an old t-shirt and knee-high socks tossing popcorn into her mouth while watching reruns on Netflix. Turning to her side, she asked with her mouth full. "Where are we going?" "It's newbie night at the dungeon, pumpkin," She bolted out of bed and was dressed and ready in less than ten minutes. "Is … [Read more...]

Erotica: Where did my damn key go? Part Two

lock and chain

Read part one here. Where the hell is my damn key? Four days; I've dealt with four grueling days of not being able to touch myself. Jesus, how can anyone even do this with out even going insane?! Ever since I crossed paths with that dominating bimbo, my entire routine had changed. And to be honest, I was surprised at how much sex was in my life. From the moment I woke … [Read more...]