Let’s Talk About Your Journal

The adrenaline made her heart pound in her ears. Aroused and scared, she fought the urge to call red, she closed her eyes and worked to control her breath. It was so quiet, she chewed on her bottom lip, listening. It was weird. She found herself listening for the clock in the kitchen. It was not physically possible to hear it. Her husband’s heat against her back warranted her … [Read more...]

Sissifying A Hard Body

Sissifying a hard body was more than fun. It made me happy. I loved turning my fit fantasy men into sissies on the down-low. On the hotel room desk, I placed a selection of new cosmetics. Cherry pink lipstick, matte eyeshadows, a simple mascara, and blush. The essentials for the transformation. He stood between the toilet and the tub in the dress and stockings. Baby had put … [Read more...]


He thumbed through the handwritten pages. Colorful descriptions and dry accounts of their play intermingled with some reflections of her day to day. He knew this stuff. There was very little here that wasn't said or texted. He tossed the journal on the bed and paced the room. He knew Karen had enjoyed the increased intensity, but he was sure she was still holding back. The … [Read more...]

Party Time

On the bed were her matching lace bra and panty set and the green velvet dress. Its scoop neck accentuated her cleavage, and it was snug enough that her left thigh was exposed by the split. She toweled herself off, careful of the belly chain and locket that encircled her waist. Karen liked their little secret. Cal had presented it to her a few weeks after they had started … [Read more...]

Just In The Bedroom

Where to start? What to ask? Engulfed in the pillows, she pawed at her hair, it felt as tangle and tossed as her brain.  The shower stopped running. "What the hell was that? What are you, and what have you done with my husband?" The bathroom door slides open, and his head appears as the steamrolled into the bedroom. "What was that?" he smirked. You heard me, "where the … [Read more...]