Knight In White Panties

This was the best part — the first session. Mark was a 30 something once upon a time hockey guy with a love for satin and lace. I wore a green velvet wrap dress and patent leather heels. He had picked the dress out one our first outing. It hugged my tits and offered way too much cleavage when I was seated. I rather enjoyed the once over and grins from the concierge and bellboy … [Read more...]

Who’s Fantasy Is this Anyway?

He sat watching, wondering why they were moving around so much. They were shifting and bouncing around in their chairs like water hopping on a hot frying pan. They sounded like a flock of gulls squawking. He figured most were a bit old for the first day of school jitters. Three minutes to the hour, the instructor walked in. Her footfall was distinct, a high heel. "Please?" He … [Read more...]


He's back in town. So many hate the rotation. The time between, no email, no phone calls,  nothing creates longing. Then the message- "Can I see you?" He knows the answer. Nevertheless, he always asks. My heart lifts, maybe a bit more than it should, for a friend I only get to see for a few hours. Those hours are complete. I am his and his alone, the clock stops, and we weave … [Read more...]

Do It Again

How did it start?. The mood at the dinner party had been so light and fun. She watched him take off the tie and undo his top button. Making love to him had always been so easy. Sometimes it was the stuff of love songs other times it was like coming home. She places a stack of plates on top of the dishwasher. He takes her by the waist and turns her around, her back to the … [Read more...]