Club Awakening

New to kink? Not new but want to brush up on skills or just enjoy a play party with fresh energy? CLUB AWAKENING is what you’re looking for! Club Awakening is a party that was designed for newbies in the BDSM scene. It’s been a monthly party since March 2016 at Sanctuary LAX. This party includes 4 set tasting booths plus one surprise booth each month. The set booths are … [Read more...]

Mental Health and Consent

Consent, beyond all else, is what separates abuse and BDSM.  Consent allows each side of the slash a place to safely live out our fantasies.  But what happens when consent ends? For most of us, that is an easy answer. When consent ends, so does everything else.   I personally use both the standard colors of Green, Yellow, and Red for general play and a safe word with my … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair-Why I Don’t Punish

Welcome back to Rika’s Lair - a monthly column discussing a practical, no-nonsense approach to adding D/s dynamics to your relationships! I hope you’ve been enjoying “The Lair” as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. It’s my opportunity to share some thoughts and hopefully stimulate some new ideas! For my first-time readers, I hope you take some time to go back and read my earlier … [Read more...]

Communication: All The Moments

Communication, communication, communication. We hear that word so much in the Kink Community it is a wonder we aren't all sick to death of talking about talking.  The problem is, do we really talk about it?  Do we really teach others how to do it?  Or do we, instead, say the word and assume that is enough?  You have to communicate better.  Lesson learned.  Why didn't I think … [Read more...]

Birthday Girl

She took a deep breath outside the door, the cold drizzle of a February rain causing a puffy cloud to stream out. She could walk away now, chicken out and go home and pretend she’d never gotten gussied up and left the house. Or she could push the buzzer. The little white rectangle stood out from the plate on the side of the doorway. A giant tooth ready to bite, or a sleek … [Read more...]