First Impressions- Tips for a Good Fet Profile

Hall of Frames: Hallway Rear  [Self-Portrait by Domina Mara] For a long time I felt there was part of me that was unfulfilled.  I knew that my thoughts and desires were different than the mainstream. I knew what I craved, but felt so alone in it. To help me gain some insight, I started doing research to learn more about fetishes and kink. After a while, I stumbled across … [Read more...]

Creating Your Identity

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not referring to how you identify in terms of D/s roles, gender or sexual orientation.  This article is about forming your online identity when you enter the world of kink and creating your name and online profile on Fetlife (or other online forum). This is inspired from two separate reader questions (one on kinkweekly and another sent to me … [Read more...]

This week in kink, July 25th, 2016

London: Piggybacking on a previous article we featured a few weeks ago, feminist pornography producer Pandora Blake is back again. This time she is helping reshape the way the general population views "taboo" fantasies such as spanking and rape play. Thanks again in part to The Guardian who seems to be featuring more and more BDSM oriented news these days. Worldwide: … [Read more...]

FetLife Etiquette

FetLife is meant to be the kink lifestyle version of Facebook. Many people assume it's more like a dating site. However that was not the original purpose, which is why you can't search for specific types. Just like anything online, FetLife is prone to trolling and people basically acting in a way they wouldn't if they were standing in front of you. In this article I want to … [Read more...]