Floggers and Christmas

Last Christmas I thought I'd be adorable and get Daddy some presents we opened in private (*wink, wink*).  These included a leather strap and, so romantically, a wooden paddle laser etched with the word MINE. I hadn't had any experience with paddles prior to that, but their description said "thuddy," and since I like thuddy, I was on board!  He loved the thought I'd put into … [Read more...]

Buying guide – Floggers

Floggers! The quintessential impact implement, and icon of BDSM. Easy to learn, yet difficult to master - these are typically one of the first items added to anyone's BDSM toy-box. Floggers are incredibly versatile. Thuddy, sting-y, caressing, ouchy, jarring, meditative or subspace-inducing. The sensations that can be produced can vary widely and wildly, depending on a … [Read more...]

Oh, the things one sees at DomCon!!!!

For any of our regular readers, you know we recently attended DomCon in Los Angeles. This is the largest lifestyle and professional BDSM event in the Los Angeles area and it is highly anticipated by all! Kink Weekly was in the house talking about our magazine and also meeting some of our readers, which was extremely rewarding! We had some fun stickers to hand out and I … [Read more...]