Erotica: For Shame

Episode 1 of the Mr. and Mrs. Shameless Series "Have you no shame?" he asked incredulously. She'd been bent over trying to pull a stubborn weed out of her front lawn. It was a hot day and she was wearing a short sundress. Standing up and turning toward the voice that had interrupted her struggle, she cocked her head to the side. "Excuse me?" "The way you're dressed, … [Read more...]

The Little Brat

Photographer: Dexx Model: Renata Colette She was home alone and feeling neglected. She set up her phone and snapped a few cheeky shots for Daddy. "That should get his attention," she thought with a laugh. Her phone suddenly buzzes to life. A new text message. "I get home in two hours." It was Daddy! "You're going to get it and that little bear too. Be … [Read more...]

Mistress Lucy trains Her puppy

Photographer: Dexx Models: Mistress Lucy and Renata Colette Mistress Lucy was bored. She was tired of the same old tricks. While perusing the local bookstore, something caught her eye...a puppy training guide. Interesting, and she had just the perfect little puppy on which to practice. Mistress Lucy is a professional dominatrix based in Los Angeles, CA. For more … [Read more...]

Erotica: Michelle, the Prequel

I was excited. I was also fucking nervous. Mistress had me in training for three weeks with her other girls before she'd even let me spend the night at the mansion. They worked me raw having me learn positions and study current events and cleaning - good god, all the fucking cleaning. And it had to be done "The way Mistress likes it." Every time. Even shit she'd never see, like … [Read more...]

Erotica: Michelle

She always sat in the back corner. Who knows what time she had to arrive each night to get that spot? It had the best vantage point of the room. There was no movement on the floor she couldn't watch. And she watched. Every night she watched. He'd been watching her for weeks. They'd never made eye contact. Her eyes were always scanning the room, glossing over heads and … [Read more...]