anniebear Interviews Troupe of Slaves

Troupe of Slaves is an iconic fixture to the kink photography scene. Most notably their work has been widely regarded on FetLife for it's depiction of predicament bondage, humiliation, and detailed group shots. I recently spoke to Old Master, the organizer of the Troupe of Slaves photos via phone from London. anniebear: I’m personally a huge fan. I’ve been in kink for a … [Read more...]

anniebear Interviews Submissann

anniebear: It looks like you have your hands in a bunch of different groups and projects. You’re obviously very active within the community, specifically with the pony and critter play. And you also have written a few books on the subject as well. Could you elaborate on what the main focus of your time is right now? Submissann: Well, everyone has to make a living, so when … [Read more...]