BDSM & Disability: Challenges

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Interview with Kali from Kink Academy

Can you tell us a little about how and why Kink Academy was started? What is Kink Academy’s mission? I launched Kink Academy nearly 11 years ago because I had been spending quite a bit of time teaching at BDSM conferences, and a large chunk of my social circle were other kink and sexuality educators. I really felt that something magical was happening at these conferences, … [Read more...]

Ball Gag Basics

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Goddess Helena Discusses Adult Dolly Play

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Dexx Interviews Princess Kali

Dexx: You’ve had a pretty distinguished career in the kink world already. Princess Kali: Thank you, I’m a prolific pervert! So you’ve been a Pro-Dominatrix and you’ve starred on well-known BDSM sites and various other enterprises. I’m curious, how did you get started being a domintrix in the first place? It was a bit of a stepping stone path just entirely based on my … [Read more...]