Interview with The Dark Arts

Witchy Pixie - The Dark Arts- How did you get your start in the lifestyle? I was working on a production job a while back and met some people who were into the kink world and learned some stuff from them, mostly how different the actual kink world is than how it's presented in movies and TV. I filed … [Read more...]

This week in kink: December 10, 2018

Photo by slave boy julia ( Don't miss this important article on abuse vs. BDSM Click here to read more Photo by slave boy julia ( Check out this BDSM advent calendar Click here to find out more Photo by slave boy julia ( Ever want to hone your D-type skills in the bedroom? Click here to learn … [Read more...]

A Deeper BDSM Experience Awaits You, Outside Your Comfort Zone

Illustration by Dirk Hooper I hear from people with very different problems, but all share the same solution. One guy is into FinDom, and deeply enjoys the interaction he gets online, but then feels a profound sense of loneliness afterward. He thinks he knows about BDSM, but, he’s only had a small taste of it. A woman has practiced professional domination, enjoys … [Read more...]

slaveboy julia’s Photography

Photo by slave boy julia ( Be sure to check out slave boy julia’s awesome photography in this week’s edition! About slave boy julia julia is a gender fluid male to female submissive who became active in the lifestyle about 11 years ago after kinky desires were repressed since childhood. Today she is an active, well known, and respected member of the … [Read more...]

Strike A Pose

“Yeah, right,” Liz snorted from the other side of the coffee shop, staring at the screen of her laptop. The noise caught Rick’s attention and interest, but he wasn’t curious enough to get up from his own seat. He was in the groove on the game he was playing, and his mocha was at that perfect temperature between scalding and ice cold that made it drinkable. As much as he … [Read more...]