My Night With Hades. (Yes, THAT Hades.)

Now and then I’m asked what my fantasies are. I usually say that I go out and live the things I want to do. I write fantasies for other people to dream about. But there is this… “Not a sound this time. You will suffer in silence for me,” Hades said, reaching for four clothespins. Angling them in on either side of my nipples, behind the areola, he forced the sensitive … [Read more...]

The Punishment Jar

Admit it, you opened this expecting to read a dirty story.  In truth, the only dirty story I will be telling you is mine. I discovered kink about eighteen years ago.  Through some dirty stories on the internet and a couple dirty magazines my mother hid in her dresser.  However, I didn’t actively begin to see it out until three years later. I devoured every little bit of … [Read more...]

What Society Tells Us

There is a path we are conditioned to believe we have to follow.  Societal expectations tell us to follow the path of tradition. We meet someone special.  We realize something special is happening and dating becomes exclusive.  We take it to the next stage and we move in together.  Marriage is the next step and children are the end goal. I know some people call that the … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair – Making Requests of Your Dominant, Without Topping from the Bottom

In last month’s column, we were discussing some basics regarding a mindset that cultivates the best possible submission for your relationship. We talked about a sequence that starts with the dominant’s introspection as to what truly serves them, the communication of that expectation, and the submissive’s responsibility to understand and adapt to that expectation in order to … [Read more...]

This week in kink: April 15, 2019

Mishima essay discusses that minors are innately masochists Click here to read more Now that you've read that essay, check out this article that explains why people like pain Click here to read on Learn more about Shibari Rope Bondage in this interview Click here to find out more Learn about the famous Black Party in this … [Read more...]