Let’s Talk About Your Journal

The adrenaline made her heart pound in her ears. Aroused and scared, she fought the urge to call red, she closed her eyes and worked to control her breath. It was so quiet, she chewed on her bottom lip, listening. It was weird. She found herself listening for the clock in the kitchen. It was not physically possible to hear it. Her husband’s heat against her back warranted her … [Read more...]

Schools of Thought

There has been a tremendous, and woefully misplaced, push to homogenize everything d/s and bdsm so that it mirrors how things are done in non-d/s and non-kink relationships. The “nillification” of kink and alternative relationships. It’s quite the hypocrisy, since alternative means DIFFERENT from the norm. Consent must always be exactly the same for everyone at all times, … [Read more...]

No, I Won’t Break You

“Mistress, please just break me down.” “I’ll be anything you want.” “Remind me that I am nothing.” These are all "sexy phrases" I’m assuming submissives have heard or seen in porn or worse? I say assume because for me, phrases like these immediately take me out of my dominant headspace and replaces it with a big “huh?!”. End scene. Do not pass go. Do not collect … [Read more...]

Don’t Put Yourself In A Box

Hello lovely readers! I wanted to take some time to talk about labeling and “putting one’s self in a box.” While using labels/identifiers are one of the ways we make sense of the world, ourselves, and others, I greatly urge one to not become married to these types of things.  People are changing and shifting constantly. Change is part of growth and learning. If we … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: April 6, 2020

Want the best BDSM cam sites? Click here to find out more Best BDSM toys? Click here to read more Shibari can build trust and mindfulness Click here to find out how Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any upcoming BDSM events, new products, dungeon openings / closings, collarings, kink in mainstream media, and anything else you think kinky … [Read more...]