This week in kink: July 16, 2018


Check out Danny Stygion's limited print edition photo book, Dominatrices. Dominatrices collects images of 19 Dominatrices over a ten year period. Dressed in various fetish clothing, the Dommes are photographed against Dungeon locations, hotel rooms, and elegant interior settings. There is a mixture of film and continuous lighting techniques contrasted with digital and off … [Read more...]

The Top Five Myths About BDSM


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Interview with Madame Margherite


Photo by: Slave Boy Julia Please give us a little background about you. What is it that you do? How did you get in this line of work? What was your educational and professional background before this? I’m a Dominatrix & Fetish Specialist. I specialize in Animal & Pet Play. I first got into Fetish related work in late 2012, when I was still living in New York. … [Read more...]

What Fifty Shades Left Out: A Straightforward Guide to BDSM


What Fifty Shades Left Out: A Straightforward Guide to BDSM from The Atlantic on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

How to Learn New Kinky Skills


Dirk Hooper Photography- BDSM beginners are always excited to get started. Once you join a group or find a willing partner, excitement turns to hesitation as you realize that you need to know what you’re doing before you can play. Even experienced players are always looking for new skills to add to their toy box. How do you learn kinky … [Read more...]