This week in kink: July 23, 2018

It's that time of year! Sharpen your pencils, prep your binders, and join us for a day of fun as we go BACK TO SCHOOL! We're excited to offer an educational event geared towards anyone in the community who identifies with submissive/s-type roles or is curious to learn more about what that side of the power exchange slash experiences. We'll be offering 6 classes, 2 crafts, … [Read more...]

The Kink Ratings List

Since this site is “Kink Weekly,” kink is rather important to us. Often, I am asked how do you find a partner who has similar perversions to yourself? Although it is easier said than done, I think the most important thing is to “know thyself.” Understanding what you love, like or dislike is a big first step in finding out what you are looking for. In this article, I will … [Read more...]

Discovering Your Kinks

You’re new to BDSM and kink. Maybe you read 50 Shades or are recently divorced (that was me!) or have known for a long time you might be kinky, yet you are just getting started. You have opened up to a new world and you want to explore it. Where the heck do you start? How do you figure out what you like or don’t like (for now) when you’ve never done any of it or know anyone … [Read more...]