Top 8 Reasons to Get Involved in the BDSM Lifestyle

We've been a bit serious lately here on Kink Weekly so we thought we'd change it up with a fun list of Top 8 Reasons to Get Involved in the BDSM Lifestyle. I was originally going to list reasons to go to a dungeon but then thought some people don't have access to local dungeons and I wanted to be inclusive! Which leads me to reason number one: 1. Everyone is included. BDSM … [Read more...]

What’s Your Motivation?

What is your motivation for entering the BDSM community? I think for most people it’s a discovery of their inner kinkster – whether that’s a love for fetish, sadism and/or masochism, and/or power exchange. Those of us who seek like-minded people, education, and exploration into this world. For most of us this means venturing out to events in order to meet people and make new … [Read more...]

D-types: Knowing the Other Side

My last article was about s-types “knowing the other side” – so now it’s time for the D-types out there. I realize this is typically a harder sell. There are many D-types that when it’s suggested just to feel what their implements for play feel like they answer with something along the lines of, “Hell no!” I get it. You’re not a masochist. That’s fine, I’m not telling you … [Read more...]

The Complete Mentoring Guide

This article can be filed under "controversial" and "opinion" because it falls into both categories. You can also file it under "important," because I think it is essential to objectively examine the practice of Dominants placing submissives "under their protection." Although we have covered the basics in our previous article, “What Is A Mentor?”, I thought a … [Read more...]

Opinion: Swingers and BDSM

This topic is often fraught with controversy and angst. We have two very different lifestyles yet they both are on the fringe; often hidden from others or concealed behind closed doors, whispered about among friends. I consider myself a BDSM lifestyler first but have most definitely dabbled in the swinger lifestyle in the past. I'd like to make the case for BDSM and swingers to … [Read more...]