What Are “Hard” and “Soft” Limits?

If you’re new to BDSM, one of the first things you will hear about are limits. You may also see people declare themselves a “no limits slave” or demand a submissive partner without limits. What does that mean and what are limits? What is the difference between hard and soft limits? Why do we even need limits in the first place? Limits are basically a boundary, a thing you … [Read more...]


No, this article isn’t about condoms or the Mafia protection racket. But, for a few of you, this could be one of the most important articles about BDSM you will ever read. Hyperbole, you ask? Maybe – but it could save you incredible expense and even jail time. This headline was featured in the September 21, 2016 New York Post -- “Authorities picked up a kinky Soho couple … [Read more...]