This week in kink, February 26, 2018

This is one we haven't heard of before. When you make a visit to see Mistress Velvet, you are not only paying for the pleasure of her company, you will also be getting a lesson in black feminist theory. Mistress Velvet has a masters degree in said field and she's ready to teach you a thing or two in the bedroom and in life. Read more about it here. What happens when … [Read more...]


I have covered marking in a previous Kink Weekly article. But it is one thing to discuss marking from a technical point of view; it is quite another to examine it from a relationship or emotional perspective. Recently, I was asked the following question that is a real life concern and not simply a technical question: “I have a submissive who loves to get marked. Lately, … [Read more...]

Marking in BDSM

“Marking,” in our lifestyle, is a very broad term. It can refer to the temporary marks of the cane, it might mean writing something like “Master’s Slave” with a Sharpie or it could mean a tattoo or brand of ownership. The technicalities of all three differ widely; but the implications of all of them are quite similar. Temporary markings are usually caused by the use of a … [Read more...]