Body Mods and Suspensions

From time to time, I will answer questions that I think are important to answer. Here is one of them: “I am a newbie and recently went to the Folsom Street Fair. I saw a group of “performers” doing all sorts of body pain-related acts -- like stapling things to themselves, putting needles through their cheeks and flesh hook suspensions. But it made me wonder: What does this … [Read more...]

A Masochist is Not Necessarily a Submissive

“A masochist is not necessarily a submissive; a sadist is not necessarily a Dom.” Perhaps no other words evoke such debate about our lifestyle as “sadist” and “masochist.” And before the (in this case, positive) influence of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” anytime one said they were into BDSM, the usual vanilla retort was, “So, you beat your partner.” Sadism, until recently, seems … [Read more...]