The Punishment Dilemma

Dirk Hooper Professional Photography- Last week I answered a submitted question. It proved popular so I will answer another BDSM question – this one from a discussion at the legendary Los Angeles dungeon, the  Lair deSade. “I am a new Domme and have been trying to learn as much as possible. One thing truly baffles me. If I find a submissive … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Sea

Dexx: You’re a BDSM speaker and educator, submissive, and active participant in the Austin and DC BDSM communities. You’re proudly contributing to keeping Austin weird, so how is the scene out there? Sea: Austin has a terrific scene. Lately I’ve spent more of my time in the DC area but I’ve been going back to Austin regularly enough where I’ve kept in touch with it. It has … [Read more...]

A Masochist is Not Necessarily a Submissive

“A masochist is not necessarily a submissive; a sadist is not necessarily a Dom.” Perhaps no other words evoke such debate about our lifestyle as “sadist” and “masochist.” And before the (in this case, positive) influence of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” anytime one said they were into BDSM, the usual vanilla retort was, “So, you beat your partner.” Sadism, until recently, seems … [Read more...]