Part 2: How Slavery Can Reduce Anxiety


Last week (click here for article), I briefly touched on how being a slave can reduce anxiety. This week, I would like to go further into this topic. As I mentioned previously, my anxiety was one of the major reasons that we decided to enter into this kind of dynamic. I was afraid that without my Master’s complete control and guidance my anxiety would overtake me for the … [Read more...]

Part 1: How Slavery Can Reduce Anxiety


For as long as I can remember I have dealt with various forms of generalized anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Before I became a slave or even knew what a slave was, I tried to deal with my various mental problems/hang ups in unhealthy ways. I chose the vanilla route and copied what all the other college kids were doing around me. No one stopped me and said, “What you are doing will … [Read more...]

Rituals: Part 2


Since rituals are such a big and broad topic, I would like to continue my article from the previous week (click here for article). In my last article, I touched mostly on how rituals are beneficial in power exchange relationships. This week I would like to piggy back on that topic and provide a more in-depth guide on how to pick them and implement them. Rituals Must Be … [Read more...]

Rituals in Power Exchange Dynamics


When we first started our M/S relationship, my Master and I felt that rules were enough to keep our dynamic strong. But over time, we have both found that it is the combination of rules and rituals that keep our relationship at its healthiest. What is the difference between a rule and a ritual? A ritual is something that you do without fail with your partner or for your … [Read more...]

Being Property


It’s very hard for some people to understand the concept of being property, and I’m sure there are many definitions that people within the scene attach to this term. Despite both these things, I’m writing this article to explain my definition of “being property”, the freedom it brings, and the challenges one could face concerning with topic. I am not just my Master’s slave. I … [Read more...]