BDSM Terms and Definitions

This is less of an article and more of a list. However, if you have stumbled onto Kink Weekly and are new, then my hope is that you find this list helpful in getting you started. Is this a complete list of “all the things” you need to know as you enter the world of kink? Absolutely not. These are some terms I believe cover many basics that you may come across as you start … [Read more...]

Joining the Kink Community

Discovering the world of kink can be a fabulous and overwhelming experience. So where do you go? What do you do? This can be especially nerve wracking if you are coming in like I did - unpartnered and clueless. In my opinion Fetlife is the best way to find events in the scene. Most event coordinators will promote there whether or not they promote elsewhere. So the … [Read more...]

Millennials and Aftercare

Here is a question I received recently: “I am a Millennial and have been playing publicly with a Dom of roughly the same age for the last few months. After a serious session, he just packs his gear and waits for me to get ready. I feel really neglected but I am afraid to ask him to give me aftercare. What should I do? What should I expect from him? Am I topping from the … [Read more...]

Back to Basics

Sometimes it is useful to get back to basics. Whether it is the fictional Rocky Balboa revisiting his old gym or an experienced BDSM lifestyler reflecting on the bedrock that he/she has built his/her knowledge on, it is often inspiring to revisit the fundamentals from time to time. In this installment, we will look at the basic practices of our lifestyle with … [Read more...]

Top 5 List of Beginner Toys and Types of play

From the title of this article you may have assumed that you would find a list of specific toys that are great for beginners. However, since I like to keep readers on their toes – that is not exactly what you are going to get. I will reference specific toys of course – but the list is written with a broader stroke of the brush. Enjoy… 1) Hands In my opinion your hands … [Read more...]