Opinion: What is Submission?

As I had promised in last week’s opinion piece, “What Is Dominance?”, here is the sequel, “What Is Submission?” File this installment under "opinion" This is another in our ‘food-for-thought’ articles that should be not taken as gospel, but rather used as a jump-off point for a deeper discussion of the subject matter. We all know what submission is in terms of play. … [Read more...]

Opinion: Ushering In a New Era of Kink

It's almost the new year-a theme heavy in this specific issue of Kink Weekly. Along with 2017 I'd like to offer a new era of kink. A lot of folks identifying with the "old guard" may not agree with this, however kink is changing and evolving and that cannot be denied or ignored. I compare the evolution of kink or pretty much any activity to a quote from Midnight In … [Read more...]

Opinion: SoCal Community

Those of us in Southern California are very very lucky to have many choices in the kink scene when it comes to dungeons, parties, and various other events. There are many cities and towns that have only one party to look forward to each month, some only one per year, and others who must rely on the internet alone along with privately held residential parties. Here in Southern … [Read more...]

Opinion: Swingers and BDSM

This topic is often fraught with controversy and angst. We have two very different lifestyles yet they both are on the fringe; often hidden from others or concealed behind closed doors, whispered about among friends. I consider myself a BDSM lifestyler first but have most definitely dabbled in the swinger lifestyle in the past. I'd like to make the case for BDSM and swingers to … [Read more...]

Opinion: Some Thoughts on BDSM, Esoteric Spirituality, and Essential Guilt

Although I've been kinky my entire adult life, I've been involved in the lifestyle for about a dozen years. I've actively pursued an esoteric spiritual/religious path for at least twice that long, and these two pursuits have never been in conflict. On the contrary, my spiritual impulse has not only informed my ideas about life, it's also deepened my personal relationships, my … [Read more...]