Orgasm Control, Teasing and Denial.

Over the last decade or so, the concept of orgasm control has become ubiquitous in Kink. It has been a staple of the Femdom/malesub world and has become more and more prevalent in other relationship dynamics too.  Maybe it is something that you have played with at some point, even only in fantasy. It is a perfect case of masochism, of blissful anguish and exquisite … [Read more...]

Orgasm Control: A New Perspective

Although there are many non-sexual practitioners of BDSM play, there are also those who use our lifestyle as a kind of “orgasm magnifier.” From the new legion of Femme Dommes whose specialties include refined “tease and denial” techniques to those Dominants who train their submissives to “cum on command,” the aim is still the same – to make cumming ultra-pleasurable through … [Read more...]

Erotica: Cold

She looked cute. I don't know how else to explain it. She looked cute. She was always pretty, sometimes drop-dead gorgeous, but tonight when I arrived at her apartment, she looked cute. I couldn't really contain my smile, though I tried to for the briefest of moments. At one point you realize that the struggle to contain a grin that doesn't want to be contained is going … [Read more...]