This week in kink: August 6, 2018

Gold Mine: Golden Heart  [Self-Portrait by Domina Mara, featuring AV] Dominatrixes discuss their orthodox Jewish clients and how they relate to kink Click here to read the full article titled "Finding God In Kink"  Concretia: My Mistress Oasis  [Self-Portrait by Domina Mara, featuring AV] Photographers at San Francisco street fair are comparing taking … [Read more...]

How Do You “Weigh” In?

So the idea for this article came up when a friend of mine posed a question in an open kinky forum. He asked, “when it comes to play, do you consider yourself a "light", "medium", or "heavy" player? this goes for tops and bottoms.” As you can imagine he got many different responses – most of which came down to two basic responses. One, people took a guess at how “heavy” … [Read more...]

A New Look at Pain

One of the most pervasive questions in this lifestyle is whether pain is essential in a BDSM relationship. The answer is an unequivocal “no.” One can have an awesome Doninant/submissive partnership with absolutely no pain being involved. It could be a sex slave arrangement, a service slave situation or any number of D/s unions. Then again, there could only be symbolic or light … [Read more...]